How much is the Original Sacher-Torte?

How much is the Original Sacher-Torte?

The smallest “Original Sacher-Torte” costs €29 ($32) both in-store and online. Despite how pricey the cake is, Hotel Sacher ships about 360,000 of them worldwide every year.

Where can you get a piece of the Original Sacher-Torte?

Hotel Sacher’s “Original Sacher Torte” is sold at the Vienna and Salzburg locations of the Hotel Sacher, at Cafe Sacher branches in Innsbruck and Graz, at the Sacher Shop in Bolzano, in the Duty Free area of Vienna airport, and via the Hotel Sacher’s online shop.

How long can you keep sachertorte?

approx. 7 days
The average shelf life of a Demel’s Sachertorte is approx. 7 days.

How do you store a sachertorte?

The Sachertorte can be prepared up to 2 days ahead and stored in an airtight cake container at room temperature. Storage in the refrigerator is not suitable; the chocolate glaze will dull….SERVE

  1. Make sure the Sachertorte is at room temperature before serving.
  2. To serve, slice with a sharp knife dipped into hot water.

What does Sacher-torte taste like?

The Sachertorte is a refined, elegant combination of chocolate flavors, complemented by a compulsory mound of Schlag. The whipped cream is an important part of the picture, as it moistens the frankly firm cake layers. Every bit of Sachertorte is supposed to be dipped in the whipped cream.

Why is Sacher-torte famous?

The world’s most famous cake, the Original Sacher-Torte, is the consequence of several lucky twists of fate. The first was in 1832, when the Austrian State Chancellor, Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, tasked his kitchen staff with concocting an extraordinary dessert to impress his special guests.

What is Sacher in English?

(ˈsɑkər ; German ˈzɑxəʀ) noun. a usually dry, glazed chocolate cake, often filled with apricot jam.

Should I refrigerate Sacher-torte?

No Refrigeration Needed We recommend storing the Original Sacher-Torte at 16°C – 18°C for the best freshness and taste. Avoid refrigeration.

Should you refrigerate a Sachertorte?

No Refrigeration Needed We recommend storing the Original Sacher-Torte at 16°C – 18°C for the best freshness and taste.

What do you serve with Sachertorte?

Done well, the Sachertorte is soft but firm, delicately chocolatey and luscious with apricot jam, but never squidgy or gooey. As Rick Rodgers writes in his book Kaffeehaus, “for this reason, Sachertorte is always served with a big dollop of lightly whipped, gently sweetened, heavy cream.