How much is the album Jesus Christ Superstar worth?

How much is the album Jesus Christ Superstar worth?


Artist Title Price
Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack $10 – $24
Jesus Christ Superstar Souvenir Program And Libretto $6
Jesus Christ Superstar Superstar $2 – $9
Jesus Christ Superstar (various Artists) $4 – $13

Who sang in the original Jesus Christ Superstar album?

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Jesus Christ Superstar/Artists

Who wrote King Herod’s Song?

Tim Rice
King Herod’s Song/Lyricists

Who wrote cats Broadway?

T. S. Eliot
Trevor NunnRichard Stilgoe

Where was Jesus Superstar 2018 filmed?

Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
Production locations Marcy Avenue Armory, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Running time 140 minutes
Production companies Sony Pictures Television Storyline Entertainment Marc Platt Productions Universal Television

Why was Jesus Christ Superstar released as an album?

Initially unable to get backing for a stage production, the composers released it as an album, the success of which led to stage productions. The album musical is a musical dramatisation of the last week of the life of Jesus Christ, beginning with his entry into Jerusalem and ending with the Crucifixion.

Who was the original cast of Jesus Christ Superstar?

Pat Arnold, Tony Ashton, Peter Barnfather, Madeline Bell, Brian Bennett, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Barbara Kay, Neil Lancaster, Alan O’Duffy, Tim Rice, Seafield St. George, Terry Saunders, Sue & Sunny, Andrew Lloyd Webber If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What does the back cover of Jesus Christ Superstar look like?

(N.B.: Black title on front and back cover; gold ‘angels’ logo; gold lettering on the spine. Depending on the retailer, an outer sticker may state that the album was ‘Digitally Remastered [Complete on 2 CDs]’ and/or ‘Original Artwork and Libretto’.

Why did Webber and rice make Jesus Christ Superstar?

Unable to support for a full show, Webber and Rice released the music of Jesus Christ Superstar in this album, which found popularity and allowed for them to make a stage production a year later. The album follows the story of the passion of Christ and seeks to interpret the fears, anger, anxiety and anguish of various characters from the gospels.