How much is parking at Petco Park?

How much is parking at Petco Park?

How much is parking at Petco Park? Parking in the Padres preferred lots is $10-$35. Parking in nearby lots starts at $8.

Where do you park for Petco Park tour?

Petco Park Ballpark Tours Parking

  • Park It on Market – $2. 6 min walk – 630 Market Street.
  • 1 min walk – 227 Tony Gwynn Dr San Diego.
  • 4 min walk – 438 11th Ave San Diego.
  • 2 min walk – 317 Tenth Ave San Diego.
  • Tailgate Park 1041 – $10. Nearby Parking Facility.
  • Max allowed stay of 1 days 14h 14m.
  • 5th & J – $40.
  • Nearby Valet Stand.

Where is Petco Park Handicap parking?

The Padres are pleased to offer parking immediately adjacent to Petco Park for guests with disabilities or special needs at the 6th and K Parkade. This garage is located on the west side of the ballpark and can be accessed via 6th Avenue.

How early should I get to Petco Park?

All entry gates will open to guests 90 minutes prior to first pitch. Season Ticket Members have access to enter 2 hours prior to first pitch at two designated gates (Park Boulevard Gate and Home Plate Gate). Gate times are subject to change for special events, including Opening Day, as well as post-season play.

Can I bring bottled water into Petco Park?

Guests are allowed to bring one factory-sealed plastic bottled water that is still, clear, and unflavored and that is one (1) liter (32 ounces) or less, and soft-sided single juice or milk containers or ADA required liquids in a sealed container.

Can you pay for parking at Petco Park?

The Padres and ACE Parking offer a variety of convenient pre-paid parking options. Guests can guarantee a space in the lot of their choice by purchasing parking passes by clicking the link below, from the Padres Ticket Office, over the phone at 619-795-5555.

Where can I park for free for the Padres game?

Parking at meters is free on Sundays and outside of the hours posted. It used to be free to park in meter spaces downtown after 6pm, convenient for Padres fans heading to a game downtown after work. Now, in a zone of the Gaslamp near Petco Park, parking meter usage will be enforced between 10am and 8pm.

How much is tailgate parking at Petco Park?

Tailgate Park (Padres Preferred Lot) — $21-$25 per game. Entrance and exit to this surface lot is on 13th Street at K Street or Imperial Avenue between 12th Ave and 14th Street. Padres Parkade (Padres Preferred Lot) — $21-$25 per game.

Can you bring water into Petco Park?

Do you have to pay for parking at Petco Park?

How Much Does Parking Cost At Petco Park? Parking lots at the ballpark are not cheap, ranging from $10-$40 depending on how close to the stadium you are. Parking lot spaces are available downtown for as low as $5, but expect to walk a considerable distance from the game.

Where can I park for free at Petco Park?

The streets included are between Broadway and Harbor Drive, from 1st Avenue to 7th Avenue, just west of Petco Park. If you park to the east, you are all clear. You may park for free after 6pm. The real key to on-street parking in downtown San Diego is to be sure to know your painted curb rules.

Can I bring water into Petco Park?