How much is my Bach Stradivarius trumpet worth?

How much is my Bach Stradivarius trumpet worth?

A Bach Stradivarius Model 37 is worth $2,999.00 when you buy it from a store. If you want to resell it in mint condition, though, you may get closer to $2,300.00 for it. Once it shows visible signs of being a used instrument, for example, light cosmetic scratches, your instrument’s value may drop to around $1,700.00.

What is a Bach Stradivarius?

The Bach Stradivarius 180S37 Silver Professional Bb Trumpet offers depth and color of sound, coupled with the even intonation and response a professional player needs. The most popular Bach Stradivarius trumpet available today is the 180S37 with a yellow brass bell.

How much does a Bach Stradivarius trumpet weigh?

The Bach LR180S-37 Stradivarius Professional Trumpet is in the key of Bb. Lightweight body, . 459″ medium-large bore, standard weight 37 bell, 25LR (reverse) mouthpipe, Monel valves, silver-plated finish.

How much is a Vincent Bach trumpet worth?

Price: $5,400 The Vincent Bach Company made this trumpet with yellow brass on the valve casing and bronze brass on the bell.

What is the difference between a Bach 37 and 43?

Bach Stradivarius professional B-flat trumpet outfit. This horn, commonly known as the “43S,” features the model 43 bell. The 43 is known as being broader, brighter and more open than the more common model 37. Standard features include: 0.459″ medium-large (ML) bore Number 43 bell.

Where are Bach Stradivarius trumpets made?

Elkhart Indiana
Commemorating 50 years of manufacturing in Elkhart Indiana, the makers of world famous Bach Stradivarius trumpets proudly bring you an exciting new trumpet model – Introducing the 190S37 Bb trumpet by Vincent Bach.

What is the most expensive trumpet brand?

The most expensive trumpet in the world is the Yamaha trumpet made of solid platinum. The Yamaha platinum trumpet was significantly more because platinum costs more than brass, gold, or silver.

What is the most expensive trumpet in the world?

Most Expensive Trumpet* Dizzie Gillespie’s Martin Committee trumpet $55,000 This trumpet earned its unusual name by being designed by a committee of brass-instrument makers for the Martin Band Instrument Company.

What kind of trumpet is a Bach Stradivarius?

Bach Stradivarius D Trumpet Model 239 L Great Condition! Bach Stradivarius Model 37 Trumpet And Case…NR. Bach Limited Edition Bb Stradivarius Trumpet Model 6. Vintage Bach Stradivarius LT180S43 43* Silver Trumpet With Corporation Bell! 1965 VINCENT BACH STRADIVARIUS 37 CORNET “CORPORATION BELL” ALL ORIGINAL FINISH.

What kind of brass does Vincent Bach use?

Today, Vincent Bach offers a complete line of USA-made student trumpets, intermediate trumpets, and professional trumpets. Each Bach trumpet is handcrafted using the highest quality brass found here in the Midwest region of the United States.

Which is the most popular model of Bach trumpet?

While today the Bach model 180S37, based on the #37 bell flare and #25 lead pipe, stands as the world’s most popular trumpet, such was not the case during Vincent’s lifetime. In the period 1927-1930 Bach trumpets based on a #6 bell flare and #6 leadpipe were all the rage.

Which is the best Stradivari guitar to buy?

This 37 standard silver Strad is going to be the most common Strad in the used market. They’ve been making it as long as I’ve been alive. It is a studio, gig and orchestra standard workhorse that you will enjoy playing. Sure, you can load your Strad up with costly extras, and it may play and sound better for you.