How much is dinner At KL Tower?

How much is dinner At KL Tower?

Atmosphere360 Revolving Restaurant KL Tower – Full Prepayment for Dinner RM165 per Adult (Mon – Fri).

Does the 360 Restaurant rotate?

360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower crafts fresh, sustainable Canadian cuisine with influences from coast to coast to coast. And, as the name suggests, the restaurant rotates a full 360 degrees, giving every guest an unparalleled perspective of the city below.

Is there a dress code for the 360 restaurant?

Thank you for considering dining at 360 Restaurant. While we do suggest smart casual, many of our guests make the decision to dine at 360 once they are onsite, so therefore they may be dressed more casually. While other guests are joining us to celebrate a special occasion, so are dressed more formally.

How fast does the 360 Restaurant rotate?

360 – The Revolving Restaurant Located on the 41st floor, the restaurant is regarded as the highest in the Middle East, and rotates a complete 360 degrees every 75 minutes.

What is a menu a prix fixe?

Simply put, a prix fixe menu (pronounced “pre feks”) is a multi-course meal available for a “fixed price.” There can be as few as two or as many as ten or more courses. Sometimes, the menu is completely determined by the chef – you’re told what the courses will be and that’s that.

Is Skypod CN Tower worth it?

We paid up for skypod, and glad we did! It’s not the extra height, but the view through the glass that’s worth it. The “regular” level has some views through glass, but the rest is outdoors through fencing, which obstructs the view and affects your picture taking.

How long does it take to go up the CN Tower stairs?

The average climber takes 30 to 40 minutes to make it to the top and while the event is timed, it is not a race. If you’re curious, according to the WWF, the fastest climb time is seven minutes and 52 seconds.

Can I climb the stairs at the CN Tower?

The CN Tower’s 1,776 steps are equivalent to about 100 floors in most buildings. So, if your race pace is 30 minutes, train to complete 10 floors in 3 minutes. Always warm up before training and don’t forget to cool down.

How do you calculate flights of stairs?

A flight of stairs is generally the height of the ceiling plus the framing and subfloor of the floor above where the stairs end. In a space with 8 feet ceilings, a flight of stairs is anywhere from 8 feet 8 inches to just over 9inches high.

What to eat at atmosphere 360 KL Tower Malaysia?

Over at the hot food counters, indulge in freshly made stir fried crab with chili paste, patin asam tempoyak, mussel with kam heong sauce and other a-la minute dishes. A modest selection of local fare like Ayam Goreng Berchili and Ikan Asam Pedas are also available for those who need something more familiar.

How tall is the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur?

Take in a 360-degree view of Kuala Lumpur with a sumptuous dinner at the revolving restaurant in one of the city’s tallest vantage points. Standing 925 feet

How much is the buffet at KL Tower?

Pay now to enjoy promotion on Buffet Lunch from Monday – Friday. Promotion price at only RM83 nett per adult (original price: RM128 nett per adult). A full prepayment of RM83 nett per adult is required upon reservation to enjoy this promotion. Payment will only be refunded if cancellation were made more than 48 hours prior to the reservation.

Which is the 7th tallest tower in Malaysia?

Indulge in modern authentic Malaysian and International cuisine at Atmosphere 360. Housed in the world’s 7th tallest tower – the KL Tow er, its splendid atmosphere and impeccable service offer you one of a kind luxurious fine dining experience that will leave a lasting mark in your heart.