How much horsepower does a Yamaha V-Star 650 have?

How much horsepower does a Yamaha V-Star 650 have?

The V-Star 650 is rated at 40 hp and 37 lb-ft. These figures are not tire-smoking worthy but are the perfect vessel to start off into the cruising world with the V-Star’s mellow and linear power delivery. It is coupled to a 5-Speed gearbox that sends power to the rear wheel via a shaft drive.

How fast is a Yamaha V-Star 650?

The quarter-mile (0.67 sec and 5.4 mph slower than the 535) and 69.0 mph terminal speed at the end of the 200-yard, 50-mph roll-on (1.8 mph faster than the 535) are figures we’d expect from the 650cc engine the Star carries, not the 1000cc or so it appears to contain.

What does a Yamaha V-Star 650 weight?

The XVS650 comes in two models: the Custom with a lower seat height 695 mm (27.4 in) and slightly less weight, and the Classic with a higher seat height of 708 mm (27.9 in). The Custom is approximately 232 kg (511 lb) and the Classic approximately 15 kg heavier 247 kg (545 lb).

How do I get more power from my V-Star 650?

The intake on the V-Star 650 can be altered to increase performance. The easiest method is to install an aftermarket air filter to allow more air into the engine, thereby increasing power. You can also modify the air box to increase air flow.

How fast is a 650cc motorcycle?

Most 650cc motorcycles are fast. Generally speaking, 650cc motorcycles can reach between 100 and 130 mph, with some models being capable of going as fast as 150 mph.

Are Yamaha V-Star good bikes?

It has great power, very comfortable, and looks great. This bike is considered a mid-level cruiser but has all the power and comfort of a big cruiser. I would recommend this bike to anyone. For the money, my opinion is it is the best bike around.

Is 650cc big enough?

A 650cc sportbike can be just as powerful, if not more than an 800cc sport touring motorcycle. So just because two motorcycles have a v-twin or an inline-four engine does not mean they will perform the same. Some 650cc motorcycles are fairly heavy, which can be another problem for certain riders.

What is the horsepower of VStar 650?

2019 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom (XVS650) Specifications. Price: $8,799 RRP + ORC Warranty: Five-year warranty Colours: Raven. Claimed power: 40hp[29.2kW]@6500rpm Claimed torque: 50.9Nm[36.5lbs-ft]@3000rpm Wet weight: 233kg (claimed) Fuel capacity: 16L

What is a Yamaha V Star 650?

The Yamaha DragStar 650 (also known as the V Star 650 and the XVS650/XVS650A) is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Company . Contents. Background. Based on the Yamaha Virago 535 engine, the XVS650 (named V Star in USA) cylinders were bored an additional 5 mm to 81 mm and stroked 4 mm more to 63 mm, to net a displacement of 649 cc.

What is V Star?

V-Star. The V-Star is a component of Star Saber from the Victory portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. On its own, the V-Star (Vスター Bui Sutā) is a flying weapons platform, able to be controlled remotely by Autobot leader Star Saber, or, on occasion, piloted by Jan Minakaze.

What is a Yamaha V Star?

The Yamaha V Star 1300 (also known as XVS1300A Midnight Star and XVS13AW (C)) is a cruiser motorcycle produced since 2007 by Yamaha Motor Company . It has a fuel injected 1,304 cc (79.6 cu in) V-twin engine, with a 60° V angle, which produces approximately 69 horsepower (51 kW), and 81.8 pound-feet (110.9 N⋅m) of torque.