How much does the CFL pay players?

How much does the CFL pay players?

The statistic shows the average player salary of the teams in the Canadian Football League in 2018. The Calgary Stampeders had an average player salary of about 100.92 thousand U.S. dollars for the 2018 season.

Who are the highest paid players in the CFL?

The new contract makes Fajardo one of the CFL’s highest-paid players. That bar is reportedly set by B.C. Lions quarterback Mike Reilly, who signed a four-year, $2.9 million deal in 2019 ($700,000 annually). Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell’s makes roughly the same on a four-year deal.

What is the average salary for a football player in the Canadian Football League?

Canadian Football League Professional Football Players earn $68,000 annually, or $33 per hour, which is 22% lower than the national average for all Professional Football Players at $85,000 annually and 3% higher than the national salary average for ​all working Americans.

What is the CFL minimum salary?

Individual minimum salaries will be set at $65,000 in 2021 for National and American players. Since no 2020 CFL Draft pick signed a contract in the cancelled 2020 season, this will be the first season with all CFL Draft picks subject to a pay scale, with the first overall pick earning approximately $85,000.

What is the CFL league minimum salary?

The base individual minimum salary increased to $65,000 in 2020 for National and American players and was set at $54,000 for Global players.

How much do TSL players make?

The average TSL salary ranges from approximately $33,127 per year for Customer Service Representative to $84,679 per year for Sales Representative.

How much do CFL players make 2020?

How much does a CFL referee make?

CFL Referees Salaries

Officials Per Match Fees Yearly Earnings
Professional Referees $1,500 $100,000
Entry-level Referees $350 $10,000

Does CFL pay for housing?

The CFL Practice Agreement (see Appendix I of the CBA ) allows the team and player to agree to a weekly salary (not tied to games). The Section 17.02 of the 2019 CBA sets minimum practice roster agreement compensation at $750/week ($15,750 over twenty-one weeks of regular season) plus housing or housing allowance.

How much does a Canadian football player make?

The average Canadian Football League player makes around $80,000 a year. The minimum salary for a rookie is $50,000. The minimum salary is dictated by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. A player’s salary is paid on a per-game basis over the 18 regular season games.

What’s the average salary of a CFL player?

The average player salary for 2018 is expected to be $80,000 but those rookies and guys cut from the NFL, still make that basic wage. The CFL will never compete with the NFL on salaries and to be honest, we like it that way. But they do need to raise the basic wage significantly if they want to encourage young college players to stay in the game.

What’s the minimum salary for a National Football League player?

The minimum player salary as dictated by the Collective Bargaining Agreement is $65,000 in 2020 and 2021 for American and National players and $54,000 for Global players. See Section 9.01 of the CBA for full details. The 2019 CBA introduces a rookie salary structure for Nationals first contract consisting of 2 years plus a team option.

Are there any professional football teams in Canada?

Canadian professional football has come a long way since the bygone days of the 50s. With TV deals and endorsements aplenty, CFL teams can now afford to splurge (just a little) on their best players.