How much does it cost to do the Abel Tasman?

How much does it cost to do the Abel Tasman?

Adult (18+ years): $56 per person, per night. Child (17 years and under): $32 per person, per night.

What is so special about Abel Tasman National Park?

Abel Tasman National Park is renowned for its golden beaches, sculptured granite cliffs, and its world-famous coast track.

Where do you park for Abel Tasman National Park?

Vehicle parking DOC provides a carpark at Marahau, Totaranui and Wainui roadends. Cars are parked at your own risk. There is strictly no freedom camping. Water taxi and kayak operators have their own private car parking for clients.

What can tourists do at Abel Tasman National Park?

11 Best Things to Do in the Abel Tasman National Park

  1. Embark on an Abel Tasman Kayaking Trip.
  2. Hike The Abel Tasman Coast Track.
  3. Explore Abel Tasman on a Boat Trip.
  4. Skydive Over Spectacular Scenery.
  5. Ride the Mountain Bike Trails.
  6. Discover More Hiking Trails in the Abel Tasman Wilderness.
  7. Go Canyoning!
  8. Experience Scuba Diving.

Why is Abel Tasman National Park so popular?

Abel Tasman National Park ā€“ a Park for all Seasons It is renowned for its forest-fringed, golden beaches, calm azure waters, sculpted granite headlands and islands. Two tracks, one inland and one coastal, run through the Park. Most native trees are evergreens, so the forest is green and vibrant through all seasons.

What is the best part of Abel Tasman walk?

Best Part of Abel Tasman Track What is this? If you have one day to hike a section of the Abel Tasman coastal track and are reasonably fit, I recommend Tonga Quarry to Anchorage via Bark Bay and Torrent Bay.

Can you drink water on Abel Tasman?

Is there drinking water in the park? There is filtered water at Anchorage, Bark Bay, Awaroa and Totaranui. At the other beaches it is recommended to treat the water before drinking it.

Do you have to pay to walk Abel Tasman?

There are no fees to complete a day walk on the track or for entry into the Abel Tasman National Park.

What is there to do at Abel Tasman in one day?

The most popular activities to do in Abel Tasman are one day hikes, trekking the multi-day Coast Track, and kayaking along the coastline. You can do this on your own or hire a tour company.

How difficult is the Abel Tasman track?

Difficulty & Elevation of the Abel Tasman Track We believe this is the easiest of all the Great Walks of New Zealand. Although there are some hills to climb up, there are only a couple that exceed 100m (and they don’t exceed it by much).

How many campsites are there at Abel Tasman?

Only a ten-minute stroll from Kaiteriteri Beach and a short drive to the start of the Abel Tasman Track, our tree lined holiday park operates all-year round offering over 200 sites for your camping pleasure!

How much does it cost to ride the Abel Tasman track?

There is a maximum group size of eight riders. Fees are charged per person, per night to stay in huts and campsites on the Abel Tasman Coast Track. There are no fees to complete a day walk on the track or for entry into the Abel Tasman National Park.

Where to stay in Nelson to see Abel Tasman? is a collaboration of locally owned and operated activity businesses based in Marahau, right on the doorstep of the Abel Tasman National Park. We offer Abel Tasman kayaking trips, water taxis and packages such as skydiving and scenic flights over the Abel Tasman.

Where is Awaroa Lodge in Abel Tasman National Park?

Awaroa Lodge is a 2.5ā€“3 hour walk south on the Abel Tasman Coast Track or a short boat ride away, and is open daily with both a cafe and restaurant.