How much does it cost to cremate a dog in NYC?

How much does it cost to cremate a dog in NYC?

Private Pet Cremation – $199* If you would like your loved one’s ashes returned to the comfort of home, individual cremation is the right choice for you. The pet cremation ceremony takes place within the first day of pickup by the pet crematory and is then delivered by UPS tracker to your preferred location.

How much is pet cremation in New York?

Cremation Cost by Location A private cremation for a small pet in New York City could start at $300, while a cremation service in a smaller city or town could start at $40.

How much does a pet cremation chamber cost?

The average pet cremation cost can vary considerably, ranging from around $30 for a small animal communal cremation to $250 or more for a large animal’s individual cremation. Pet cremation fees typically vary according to the size of your pet and the cremation method.

Where can I bury my pet in NYC?

In New York, the state government does not prohibit the burial of dogs and other pets on private property. In addition to burying your dog on your own property, pet cemeteries and crematoriums offer burial services to pet owners.

Do pet microchips survive cremation?

Your pet’s steel ID tag will stay with them throughout the cremation process (including in the crematorium). After cremation, the tag will be cleaned (so that you can read the number) and attached to the bag holding your pet’s cremated remains.

Where to cremate a pet in New York City?

Pet Funeral & Cremation Service of New York City Inc. Great service. They treated my uncle’s dog with special care. We will also create a Pet Memorial Online for him at: 3. BROADWAY ANIMAL CLINIC 4. All City Pet Cremation Inc. A trusted place where you can get your pet remaining and more! 5.

Who are the owners of all city pet cremation?

All City Pet Cremation is a family owned and operated business. We have been providing families with compassionate, caring service for decades. We have earned a reputation for compassion, reliability and efficiency when handling the loss of a beloved pet. We offer a variety of services including burial, individual and viewed cremation.

Can You cremate a cat at Pet Haven?

Let the caring staff at Pet Haven provide you with the services that your pet deserves. Thank you for your kindness and caring. Private cremation services for any size or type of pet are performed by dedicated professionals in owned facilities. Your cat, dog, bird or pet of any type is welcome.

Why do you need Tri State pet cremation?

Losing a pet can be devastating and we built our business so families can remember their pets forever. If your pet has passed away and you are looking for a place to hold and perform the proper service, Tri-State Pet Cremation is here for you. Why Trust Us In Your Time Of Need?