How much does anhydrous cost?

How much does anhydrous cost?

Anhydrous was up 10% compared to last month. The average price was $470/ton, up $43/ton.

How much does anhydrous ammonia cost per pound?

Cost per lb of N in 1 ton of anhydrous ammonia = $285 ÷ 1640 lbs N = 17 cents per lb N.

How much does urea cost per acre?

At $180 per ton of urea, the price for fertilizer is $48 per acre. At a cost of $240 per ton, an acre will run over $62. And if prices for urea climb to $300 per ton, an acre of fertilizer on a corn crop will cost a shade over $79.

What is the cheapest form of nitrogen?

Anhydrous Ammonia
Anhydrous Ammonia the most prevalent and lowest cost form of nitrogen, is 82% nitrogen.

Why is fertilizer so expensive?

Global demand strengthens. Strong demand from key crop-growing regions has been the driving force behind high fertilizer prices. Higher farm revenue has increased crop acreage and application rates of key nutrients like phosphates and potash.

How much does ammonia sell for?

Ammonia average price over last 20 years is $300 per tonne.

How much does anhydrous cost per acre?

An increase in anhydrous ammonia price accounts for $24 per acre of the fertilizer cost increase in corn (from $41 per acre using September 10, 2020 prices to $65 per acre using April 8, 2021 prices).

How many gallons is anhydrous ammonia per ton?

5.15 lbs./gal. Gallons per ton…………………………………. 388.5 gal./ton Vapor Pressure @ 75°F…………………………… 125 P.S.I.

How much does an anhydrous ammonia system cost?

Regarding permitting costs, $400,000 is indicated for an anhydrous ammonia system with $25,000 estimated for either a urea-based system or a 19% aqueous ammonia system. These costs are assumptions based on recent private conversations and should be considered rough estimates only. Safety is the principal advantage of urea-based ammonia systems.

What’s the difference between anhydrous ammonia and aqueous ammonia?

Aqueous ammonia is a water solution of ammonia. Anhydrous ammonia is just pure ammonia, kept under pressure because at room temperature ammonia is a gas. Have you been hacked?

Which is better for SCR, anhydrous ammonia or aqueous ammonia?

Anhydrous ammonia is significantly less expensive for SCR applications; however, aqueous ammonia is often specified due to permitting and safety considerations in transport, storage and handling. Commercial grade anhydrous ammonia is 99.5 – 99.7% pure, with a minimum of 0.3% water content.

What’s the price of ammonia in central Iowa?

Central IA — Dustin Ritter (@DRitter85) March 10, 2021 A farmer in central Iowa says anhydrous ammonia prices shot up nearly 60% since fall and are now at $655 dollars per ton. It’s a similar story in Kansas.