How much does a Stanley 6 in classic retractable utility knife cost?

How much does a Stanley 6 in classic retractable utility knife cost?

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Stanley Stanley Milwaukee
6 in. Classic Retractable Utility Knife Self-Retracting Utility Knife FASTBACK Compact Folding Utility Knife with General Purpose Blade
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What is a box knife?

: a small cutting tool that is designed for opening cardboard boxes and typically consists of a retractable razor blade in a thin metal or plastic sheath.

Is the Stanley Classic 99 a retractable knife?

If flexibility is what you need, the Classic 99 6 Inch Retractable Utility Knife delivers. It has a three-position retractable blade made of carbon alloy steel that can handle all types of professional and home improvement jobs. Blade storage in handle Blade storage in handle Multi-position blade slide

What kind of blade does a Stanley Utility knife use?

Stanley’s “Application Specific Blades” are designed with unique features for cutting drywall, roofing shingles and paper. Each blade is constructed of carbon alloy steel. With Stanley’s patented S3 Technology, paper blades start sharper and stay sharper, roofing blades are stronger, and drywall and paper blades deliver more cuts per blade.

Is the Stanley 10-099 a 5 star knife?

It feels good in your hand when cutting up boxes or slicing open mulch bags. The blade slider on the old ones work as smooth as silk. The new ones are a little harder to push, but hopefully in time they will work just as well. The durability of the older knives is a 5 star, so will assume it will be the same for the newly purchased knives.

How long does a Stanley Tool Set last?

STANLEY ® warrants this product for its useful life (not to exceed one year for products with electrical or electronic components) against deficiencies in material and workmanship.