How much do bulldogs cost in Texas?

How much do bulldogs cost in Texas?

WB English Bulldogs puppies in Texas are all AKC registered and are priced from $2,700 to $2,900. While they may be a slightly more expensive English Bulldog breeder, they are highly reputable.

How much does a bulldog puppy cost?

What is the average price of an English Bulldog puppy? English Bulldogs usually cost between $1,500 and $4,000, while the English Bulldog average price is around $2,500 in the US.

How much does bull dogs cost?

Most breeders sell quality pet bulldogs for between $3900 – $5500 and you can expect the breeder to be there for you with help when needed and to know what the past litters and the breeders stock shows in health problems,etc.

What is a Merle English bulldog?

In a future blog we will discuss the topic of “rare colors” in purebred English Bulldogs. Merle comes in different colors and patterns and can affect all coat colors. The merle gene creates mottled patches of color in a solid or piebald coat, blue or odd-colored eyes, and can affect skin pigment as well.

How much is a teacup English bulldog?

Teacup English Bulldog Price and Expenses: How Much Does a Teacup Bulldog Cost? Teacup English Bulldogs are indeed a very expensive teacup puppy that can be bought at around $800 to $2,000. This miniature breed is costly since most of them are born by caesarian section due to their large heads.

How long do English bulldogs live?

8 – 10 years
Bulldog/Life span

Why are bulldogs so expensive to buy?

One of the things that make bulldogs so expensive is that they are a very popular breed. Generally, since the demand for bulldogs is so high, there will be higher pricing associated with them. English bulldogs are great family dogs as well. They get along great with kids, and they will not require a ton of exercise.

Are there any English Bulldogs for sale in Houston?

For stud service or for sale. Toby is an import from the UK. ONLY AVAILABLE BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A GIRL FOR HIM. His appr… more

Where can I get an Old English Bulldog?

We raise and love Olde English Bulldogges and English Bulldogs. We are located in Houston, Texas. We are family owned and operated and have been breeding bulldogs since 2004. All of our dogs are well socialized and raised in a family environment.

What kind of dog is a black female English Bulldog?

Black Tri Female English bulldog. Looking for her forever home. Calm and Gentle.Litter of 6 and 5. House trained.Triple carrier. Blue boy will make great addition to any breeding program, Blue can be akc registered. Good with kids and other dogs.