How many students appeared for BITSAT 2013?

How many students appeared for BITSAT 2013?

A total number of applications received for BITSAT-2016 was around 2 lakh per 2000 seats at the institute’s campuses in Pilani, Hyderabad, and Goa….An Overview of the Statistics.

Year Number of Students appeared in JEE-Main
2016 12,50,000
2015 13,00,000
2014 13,50,000
2013 14,00,000

How much percentage is required for admission in BITS Pilani?

The candidate should have obtained a minimum of aggregate 75% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects (if he/she has taken Mathematics in BITSAT) or a minimum of aggregate 75% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects (if he/she has taken Biology in BITSAT) subjects in 12th examination, with at …

What is the total fees for 4 years in BITS Pilani?

Answer: As per the BITS Pilani fees structure, candidates will have to pay Rs 39,800 as admission fee and Rs 1,78,000 for Semester 1 and 2. The fee for 2nd year is 1,94,000, for 3rd year is 2,11,500 and Rs 2,30,500 for 4th year.

Can I get admission in BITS Pilani without jee?

Admission in BITS Pilani is based on BITSAT exam and not on JEE Mains. No, you cannot get admission in BITS-Pilani through JEE Mains. They conduct their own entrance examination by named BITSAT.

How many students sit BITSAT?

The exam is conducted online and around 3 lakh students apply for this entrance exam every year.

Is BITSAT tough than Jee?

BITSAT is easier than the JEE Main exam but it is a lot more competitive. Most BITSAT questions are easier than JEE Main questions and require less calculation as candidates have to solve 150 questions in 180 minutes.

Which BITS is best for CSE?

BITS Pilani has been ranked 30 by NIRF 2020. A BTech in CSE is one of the most demanded courses in the industry. IIT Hyderabad, BITS Pilani, and new IITs all provide the course with an edge.

What is the average package of BITS Pilani CSE?

around 18 LPA
According to the recent placement report released in BITS, the average package offered to a CSE graduate from BITS Pilani is around 18 LPA, which is excluding the offshore salaries, i.e., excluding the 1-1.5 Crore packages (as they are just converted from their US dollars to Indian rupees and do no…

Where is Pilani in India map?

Pilani is a small town situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, India….

Pilani Show map of Rajasthan Show map of India Show all
Coordinates:28.37°N 75.6°ECoordinates:28.37°N 75.6°E
Country India
State Rajasthan

Is BITS Pilani a private or Government College?

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani – Dubai ( BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus or BPDC) is a private technical research university and a constituent college of Dubai International Academic City. It became the international branch of BITS Pilani in 2000, making it the second branch established (other branches: Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad ).

Which is best IIT or BITS Pilani?

The IIT’s are the best in India for all courses and it is under the government of India. BITS Pilani is the best among all private universities in India. So both are same. The only thing is that BITS Pilani is really very expensive whereas IIT is not. For computer science, IIT Bombay is the best.

Is BITS Pilani better than BIT Mesra?

BITS Pilani has zero attendance rule while BIT Mesra has 75% attendance compulsary. Internships taken up by BITS Pilani students are much better than BIT Mesra students.

What are various clubs at BITS Pilani?

Ans: BITS Pilani has a number of clubs that the students can enroll in for organizing various extracurricular activities such as The Hindi Drama Club (HDC), English Drama Club (EDC), The Debating Society, The Wall Street Club, The Music Club, The Dance Club, The Photography Club known as Photog.