How many questions are there in Module 1 of the TKT?

How many questions are there in Module 1 of the TKT?

80 questions
It focuses on the factors underpinning the learning of English. TKT: Module 1 has one paper and lasts 1 hour 20 minutes and has 80 questions.

What is TKT module?

TKT is a series of modular teaching qualifications which test your knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching. It will help you to build your confidence, and is a cost-effective way to get an internationally recognised qualification.

Do I need to take all the TKT modules?

TKT is a series of modular tests. You can take each module individually and decide how and when you take the tests. You can take the modules in any order you like, and in any combination, which allows you to tailor the qualification to your needs.

How do I pass TKT?

The best resources to get ready for TKT

  1. follow the lessons of the entire three core Modules.
  2. test your knowledge on TKT lessons and TKT terms.
  3. share teaching tips, ask questions and suggest learning resources.
  4. interact with more than 4,000 teachers who took TKT all over the world.

What is aptis general?

Aptis General can be used as a basic English assessment tool to test the comprehensive language application ability of high school students and above. Additionally, it allows colleges and universities to measure the effect of their training/teaching and further improve students’ English skills.

What is TKT?

(Internet slang, text messaging) don’t worry.

What level is TKT?

What level of English do I need to take a TKT course/pass the TKT? Cambridge does not set formal entry requirements but recommends a level of at least Intermediate (CEFR B1, PET or a 4.0 in IELTS), or Upper Intermediate for the TKT: Knowledge About Language.

Is TKT a diploma?

TKT is a globally-recognised,flexible series of modular teaching certifications, which test your knowledge in 5 specific areas of English language teaching. Each module carries a certificate and is a stand alone qualification.

What does TKT mean?


Acronym Definition
TKT Ticket
TKT Teaching Knowledge Test (education)
TKT Twisted Kaiju Theater (web forum)
TKT Ne t’Inquiète Pas (French: Don’t Worry)

How do I register with TKT?

You can register for TKT up to six weeks before the exam session. In order to register to the exam you should fill in TKT Application form and make payment to our bank account. Then send the filled in form, proof of payment and valid ID card to [email protected] .

How does aptis work?

Aptis tests grammar, vocabulary and language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening). Each test taker completes a grammar and vocabulary test followed by the English language skills of your choice. Tests start with general questions and then progress to more demanding tasks.

What is the use of aptis?

Aptis is an innovative assessment tool that helps accurately test English language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. It tests language competency in cases where higher levels of English (CEFR* B1-C2) need to be tested.