How many hours does the Gold Award take?

How many hours does the Gold Award take?

80 hours
To earn the award, each girl must complete two Senior or Ambassador journeys or complete one Senior or Ambassador journey and have earned a Girl Scout Silver Award. After completing either of these requirements, a minimum of 80 hours is suggested to complete the steps to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award.

What are the six key components of the Gold Award?

Create a proposal plan that achieves all 6 of the major elements of the Gold Award listed on page; Leadership, Measurable, Global Link, Root Cause, Sustainability and a minimum of 80 hours.

What is the Gold Award on books?

Newbery Medal Seals (Gold) The Newbery Medal recognizes the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children. These gold seals highlight the medal books in your collection.

How do you pick a Gold Award project?

A Gold Award project must reflect the following: the Girl Scout has identified the root cause of a community issue she’s passionate about, the action she takes must address a real need and have long-term benefits, she must show leadership by guiding a team of volunteers, and the project must be sustainable and …

What percentage of Girl Scouts get the Gold Award?

The Gold Award is awarded to fewer than 6% of Girl Scouts annually. Each Gold Award Girl Scout spends 1 – 2 years on her project. Approximately one million Girl Scouts have earned the Gold Award or its equivalent since 1916. In 2016, we are celebrating 100 years of the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Is Gold Award individual?

The pursuit of the Gold Award is ultimately an individual Girl Scout’s journey. While troop/group members may help, earning her Gold Award requires a girl to take control of her leadership development as she builds and leads a team.

What happens at a Gold Award interview?

At the interview, you will be required to present your Project Proposal. The interview will include a question period that should last about 15 minutes. If everything is in order, you will receive approval at the time of the interview to begin the Gold Award project. How will you share your project with others?

What is the Gold Medallion Award?

Gold Medallion Award The Gold Medallion is NSPRA’s top program award, recognizing superior educational public relations programs and campaigns grounded in strategic communication best practices. Winners receive medallions at the NSPRA National Seminar.

What is the Nautilus book Award?

The Nautilus Awards aim to recognize ‘Better Books for a Better World. ‘ Their core mission is to celebrate and honor books that support conscious living & green values, high-level wellness, positive social change & social justice, and spiritual growth.

What are some good Gold Award ideas?

Check out some of these real project ideas from past Gold Award Candidates!

  • Conduct workshops about art, anti-bullying, etc.
  • Create educational games.
  • Create a website.
  • Write a blog.
  • Make a video about self-love, confidence, or interviews with veterans.
  • Create a PSA.
  • Create a social media campaign.

How do I submit a Gold Award proposal?

How to Submit a Successful Girl Scout Gold Award Proposal

  1. Describe the issue your project will address and your target audience.
  2. Discuss your reasons for selecting this project.
  3. Outline the strengths, talents, and skills you plan to put into action.

Is Girl Scout Gold Award prestigious?

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award in Girl Scouting, comparable to the Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle Scout merit. Girls who pursue their Gold Award aspire to transform an idea and vision for change into an actionable plan with measureable, sustainable, and far-reaching results.