How many episodes was Tara King in The Avengers?

How many episodes was Tara King in The Avengers?

33 episodes
Tara King is a fictional character of British 1960s adventure television series The Avengers, played by Canadian actress Linda Thorson. Sixth partner of agent John Steed (and fourth female partner), she appeared in series six (in colour) of the series (1968–1969), playing in 33 episodes. She is Emma Peel’s successor.

How many episodes did Diana Rigg play in The Avengers?

Starring Diana Rigg as Emma Peel and Patrick Macnee as her engaging partner John Steed. Fans will rejoice in watching the infamous crime-fighting duo, The Avengers, who have influenced generations of stars in 51 episodes, on16 DVD discs. Enjoy every Emma episode ever in this ultimate collector’s edition!

How many seasons was Diana Rigg on The Avengers?

Rigg left The Avengers after two series to return to her first love, the theatre, with the Royal Shakespeare Company – despite it meaning a pay cut to £70 per week. “Playing in The Avengers is a commercial thing,” she was quoted as saying at the time.

When was Tara King in The Avengers?

Linda Thorson (born Linda Robinson; June 18, 1947) is a Canadian actress, known for playing Tara King in The Avengers (1968–69)….Television.

Year 1968–69
Title The Avengers
Role Tara King
Notes Regular role

Who replaced Mrs Peel in The Avengers?

Diana Rigg
Actor and Character Biographies Elizabeth Shepherd is in a category all her own: she played Emma Peel in one and a half never-aired episodes before being replaced by Diana Rigg. Guest Actor Directory: Over 1,100 guest actors appeared on The Avengers and The New Avengers.

Where is Tara King now?

College Life. According to The Daily Mail, King is currently attending Bristol University, studying the history of art.

Why was The Avengers TV series Cancelled?

Steed and King could not compete, and the show was cancelled in the U.S. Without this vital commercial backing, production could not continue in Britain either, and the series ended in May 1969. Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman had a disagreement, at about the time she left the series.

Why Henry Cavill break up with Tara King?

Theirs was a relationship that frequently made headlines, mostly because of the 13-year-age difference between them. But their relationship is over.” “It has been very difficult for Tara, who has been saying he was the love of her life,” the insider added.

How old is Linda Thorson now?

74 years (June 18, 1947)
Linda Thorson/Age

Who was Mrs Emma Peel’s husband?

Peter Peel
Her husband, Peter Peel, was a pilot whose plane had disappeared over the Amazonian forest. He was presumed dead for many years, and Peel went on to work with Steed. She drove a convertible Lotus Elan at high speeds, and convincingly portrayed any series of undercover roles, from nurse to nanny.

When did Linda Thorson return to the Avengers?

She was reunited with Macnee in a commercial for Laurent-Perrier champagne in the mid 1970s which led to the series reappearing as The New Avengers, although Thorson did not regain her role.

Who was the actress that played Tara in the Avengers?

Linda Thorson (born Linda Robinson on 18 June 1947) is a Canadian actress, best known for playing Tara King in The Avengers (1968–69). For her role in The Avengers, Thorson received a special BAFTA at the 2000 BAFTA TV Awards along with the other three actresses from the series, Honor Blackman, Joanna Lumley and Diana Rigg.

What kind of movies did Linda Thorson appear in?

Since then, she appeared in character roles in many TV series and films, including Thriller, Return of the Saint, Valentino, The Greek Tycoon, the cult horror film Curtains, Blind Justice, Alan Alda’s Sweet Liberty, and Marblehead Manor.

Who was the original Emma Peel in the Avengers?

Career Thorson is best known for her role as Tara King (succeeding Diana Rigg as Emma Peel) in the last series of the British TV adventure series, The Avengers, with the original star Patrick Macnee.