How many East Timorese were killed?

How many East Timorese were killed?

East Timor genocide
Date Occupation lasted from 1975 to 1999, though much of the killing occurred in the 1970s
Target Population of East Timor
Attack type Forced disappearance, Genocidal massacre
Deaths Estimates of the total number of war dead range from 100,000–300,000

Where the Atauro Island is located?

East Timor
Atauro Island is in East Timor. Atauro Island is a small island situated 25 km north of Dili, East Timor, between the Indonesian islands of Alor and Wetar. Politically it comprises one of the Administrative Posts (formerly subdistricts) of the Dili Municipality of East Timor.

What was East Timor called before?

Portuguese Timor
East Timor was colonised by Portugal in the 16th century and was known as Portuguese Timor until 28 November 1975, when the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (Fretilin) declared the territory’s independence.

Why did Indonesia invade East Timor?

John Taylor writes that Indonesia invaded for three main reasons: (1) to avoid the “negative example” of an independent province, (2) to have access to the high initial estimates of oil and natural gas under the Timor Sea (initial estimates which turned out to be largely mistaken), and (3) following the fall of South …

Did Australia help East Timor?

Australia led the INTERFET operation in 1999, and provided substantial forces to the subsequent United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor and its successor operations. As of 2015, 25 Australian military personnel were stationed in East Timor to deliver this assistance.

How many Australian soldiers died in East Timor?

Deaths as a result of service with Australian units

Conflict Dates of conflict Number of deaths
Bougainville 1997-2003 1
East Timor 16 September 1999 to 18 August 2003 2
East Timor (Operation Astute) 1999-2013 2
Afghanistan 11 October 2001 to present 43

How do you get to Dili Timor Leste?

You can fly into Dili, the capital, from Darwin, Singapore or Bali, which is the cheapest way. You could also enter via land from the Indonesian border. However, keep in mind, that a visa on arrival is not available at the land border with Indonesia except for Indonesian nationals.

How do you get to Atauro Island?

There are two main options to get to Atauro Island – water taxi or public ferry. Compass Charters operates a daily water taxi from Dili that leaves at 07.30 every morning. And takes about an hour to make the crossing to Beloi on the east coast of Atauro.

Which country is closest to Timor-Leste?

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is situated on the island of Timor, approximately 700km northwest of Darwin. The capital of Timor-Leste is Dili. Australia and Timor-Leste are close neighbours, with a shared history and strong people-to-people links.

Who owns Timor?

In 1975, East Timor was annexed by Indonesia and became known as Timor Timur or ‘Tim-Tim’ for short. It was regarded by Indonesia as the country’s 27th province, but this was never recognised by the United Nations (UN) or Portugal.

Where was East Timor during World War 2?

East Timor was occupied by Japan during World War II. Before 1975 more than four-fifths of export revenues were derived from coffee; other exports included hides, tea, rubber, and copra. Kupang is the capital city and port of Nusa Tenggara Timur province, formerly Dutch, or Netherlands, Timor.

How many people live on the East Timor Island?

In 1975–76 Indonesia forcibly intervened and established Timor Timur (East Timor) as an… Timor, easternmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia. They inhabit the central and western plains and mountains of the island and number about 530,000.

What was the capital of the Portuguese province of Timor?

Dili, or Dilly, on the northern coast, was the capital and port of Portuguese Timor and then the seat of the Indonesian province of Timor Timur; it is now the capital of East Timor.

How big is Timor island compared to Indonesia?

Western Timor, with an area of 6,120 square miles (15,850 square km), is administered as part of Nusa Tenggara Timur provinsi (“province”), Indonesia. The eastern half of the island, 5,641 square miles (14,609 square km) in area, is the independent state of East Timor; East Timor also includes the enclave of Ambeno on the western half…