How many breweries are in Billings Montana?

How many breweries are in Billings Montana?

Billings Montana is the largest city in the state of Montana with right around 100,000 people. There are now nine breweries in Billings MT scattered throughout the city. Because of their antiquated brewery laws, hopping is encouraged so we took full advantage of it (more on that later).

How many breweries are there in Montana?

As of August 2016, there are 68 breweries in operation in the state of Montana….406 Brewing Company.

Location Bozeman
Owned by Matt Muth

What is the most popular beer in Montana?

The most popular beer in Montana is apparently Rainier. That’s right, Rainier out of Washington, is apparently Montana’s favorite beer. This is a bit surprising because Montanans seem to like Bud Light, Coors Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon an awful lot.

How many breweries are in Montana 2020?

Today, in 2020, Montana’s number of craft breweries is over 90 (most listed below), and together Montana breweries comprise one of Montana’s fastest growing manufacturing divisions.

Where is Jeremiah Johnson beer made?

Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company is proud to be from Great Falls where we source world-class barley malt locally then brew our beer with ice cold Rocky Mountain water from the Missouri headwaters and package in-house for a beer that could only come from Great Falls, Montana.

What is the number one beer in Montana?


1 Big Sky Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout – Bourbon Barrel 99
2 Mountains Walking Dessert Cart: S’mores 98
3 Mountains Walking Tin Sky DDH 97
4 Mountains Walking Cloud Curtain – Strata 97

Does Montana have good beer?

Montana craft brewers are a fortunate bunch. Not only does their state grow some of the world’s finest barley, but the Pacific Northwest’s hop fields are a short drive away. This, along with perhaps the world’s most concentrated population of fly-fishermen, makes for a state brimming with beer enthusiasts.

Who owns Jeremiah Johnson brewery?

Our signature Mountain Man Scotch Ale quickly became a crowd favorite in Great Falls and over the next six years Mountain Man grew to be a staple in Montana. In 2018 Jeremiah and Katie Johnson took ownership of The Front with the goal to grow Mountain Man into a national brand.

Who owns Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company?

Katie Johnson
The brewery that now bears Jeremiah’s name started out as The Front Brewing Company in 2012. In 2018 Jeremiah and Katie Johnson took ownership of The Front with the goal to grow into a national brand.

What is Billings, MT known for?

Billings is also known for its booming oil industry. As the largest city in the five state region and the closest to the Bakken Formation , which is lousy with oil and gas, it plays an important role in oil refinery and drilling supplies.

Is Billings a town in Montana?

Billings was nicknamed the “Magic City” because of the rapid growth from its founding as a railroad town in March 1882. It’s the largest city in the state of Montana, with a population estimated at 109,577 as of 2019.

What is the brew pub?

A brew pub, basically is a microbrewery that has a restaurant attached to it and predominantly brews for onsite consumption. The main thing here being a restaurant on site would make it a brew pub,” he explains.