How long does it take to walk the GR20?

How long does it take to walk the GR20?

about two weeks
How long does it take to do the GR20? The standard time to hike the full GR20 trail is about two weeks. In reality, how long the long-distance walk takes heavily depends on your fitness level and objectives. Seasoned hikers can manage to complete the trail in just under seven days.

Where does GR20 start?

Calenzana village
The starting and endpoints of the GR20 are Calenzana village in the north of the island and Conca in the South. Vizzavona is the midway point and easily accessible if you want to walk one half of the trail. Once you get to a port or airport in Corsica, it is quite easy to get to the trailhead, both north, and south.

How hard is GR20?

The GR20 is considered very tough. This hike should not be taken lightly, and it is a significant physical challenge, especially considering you will be carrying a heavy backpack. The hike is steep and strenuous. It is recommended that you embark on the hike in late June or early September.

How to get to GR20?

To start the GR20 in the North, the quickest way is to choose a ferry to Calvi. At the exit of the boat, you will only have 13km to reach Calenzana (village starting point of the GR20 north side). For crossing times and reservations: Corsica Ferries, Corsica Linea, La Méridionale or MobyLines.

How technical is GR20?

The GR20 is a very technical hike, but it is still a hike. There are no points where you’ll need to use ropes or climbing implements, but there are a few things that make it technical. First and foremost, many stages require quite a bit of scrambling. Think of scrambling as slightly less vertical rock climbing.

How many GR routes are there?

There are more than 100 GR routes in Europe. The GR routes are known as: Grande Randonnée in France, Grote Routepaden in Holland, Grande Rota (in Portugal), Gran Recorrido in Spain.

How many miles is the GR20?

112 miles
Hiking the GR20: An Overview. The GR20 is classified as a long-distance trek, spanning nearly the entire north-south distance of the Corsican island, a total of 112 miles (180 kilometers). It has a serious mountain-to-valley elevation variation of about 32,000 feet (10,000 meters) over a 16-day hiking period.

When can you hike the GR20?

The best times of year to trek the GR20 are late June to early July, or late August to early September. The window of opportunity runs from June to September, but in July and August the hot weather does put hikers off.

Can I do the GR20?

The GR20 trail can be done all year round. However, this long distance footpath soon becomes snowed under in winter. The only way to do the GR20 is to put your skis or snowshoes on. As early as the end of May, snow melts on the Fra Li Monti and walkers start conquering this epic trail until the end of October.

What are GR routes?

The GR routes comprise a network of long-distance walking trails across Europe and are mainly found in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. There are more than 100 GR routes in Europe.

Can you walk through France?

Hiking across France: the main routes France is a country well equipped with long- distance footpaths or hiking trails. There are over 100,000 kilometres of walking trails, crossing the country in all directions; but it is in the areas of “wild France” that the paths are most numerous, and most popular.

What are the GR walking routes?

GR routes

  • France: Grande Randonnée.
  • Spain: Gran Recorrido.
  • Portugal: Percursos Pedestres de Grande Rota.
  • Belgium: Grote Routepaden or Grande Randonnée.
  • Netherlands: Langeafstandswandelpaden.

Where can I find the route of the GR 20?

Plain text coordinates of the GR 20 Nord are available at You can download a big 1.2MB file or separate stages in 9 smaller files. Another three files contains the routes to Monte Cinto from Asco, to Paglia Orba and Capu Tafunatu from Ciottulu di i Mori, and to Monte Rotondo from Petra Piana.

Where is the GR20 trail in the Mediterranean Sea?

The GR20 is located on the semi-autonomous French island of Corsica. Corsica sits in the Mediterranean Sea off the coasts of both France and Italy and just north of the island of Sardinia. GR20 hikers are likely to pass through at least one of the major towns in Corsica en route to and from the trail.

Where can I find GPS coordinates for GR 20?

A Dutch website GPS offers a huge 400kb GR 20 tracklog for download with hundreds of waypoints. Michal Pasniewski published a short report of his GR20 trek done in May 2002 and included a tracklog of the GR20 in Garmin mps format. Plain text coordinates of the GR 20 Nord are available at

How long does it take to walk the GR 20?

It’s 180km long with variation in height of about 10 000 metres and can be walked in 15 days. Even though the GR20 doesn’t require any climbing techniques, perfect fitness level and confidence in walking over a variety of rugged terrains is necessary.