How is the Woodcock-Johnson III scored?

How is the Woodcock-Johnson III scored?

A. The standard score (SS) on the WJ-III describes a client’s performance relative to the average performance of the com- parison group. The scale is the same as the IQ test. In other words, the average standard score is 100 with a standard deviation of 15.

Should I use age or grade based norms?

If the purpose is to determine Ability-Achievement Discrepancy, age-based scores are recommended as “best practice.” If the purpose is to compare the student’s scores with those of peers in the same grade, grade-based scores should be used.

What is the W score on the Woodcock-Johnson?

The reference W is the criterion—the score against which an individual’s W ability is compared. The reference W represents the difficulty level of a hypothetical item to which 50% of the age or grade group would respond correctly.

How do you explain grade equivalent scores to parents?

Simply put, an age equivalent is a comparison of your child’s performance compared to age groups whose average scores are in the same range. For example, if your 9-year-old child scores a 42 raw score on a test, and that score is average for 8-year-olds, their age equivalent score would be 8.

What is the average range on the Woodcock-Johnson IV?

Woodcock-Johnson IV Scoring

Score Range Percentile Rank Range Classification
111 to 120 76 to 91 High Average
90 to 110 25 to 75 Average
80 to 89 9 to 24 Low Average
70 to 79 3 to 8 Low

Is the Woodcock-Johnson test reliable?

The Woodcock-Johnson Tests (WJ III) is a valid and reliable assessment tool of both cognitive abilities and achievement among children and adults. It is based on the most current theoretical model of intelligence, Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) theory.

Why use age based norms?

The primary advantage of age norms is that they can be compared with other age-based tests and help reflect the skills of examinees who are young or old for grade; however, age norms mix examinees with different amounts of curriculum exposure.

What are age and grade equivalent scores?

An age or grade equivalent is simply the median raw score for a particular age or grade level. Because the acquisition of skills measured by an instrument such as a vocabulary test occurs more rapidly during early ages, raw scores increase at a greater rate with younger examinees than with older examinees.

How do you score the Woodcock-Johnson IV by hand?

No, you cannot score the WJIV tests by hand. If your organization has already purchased the WJIV Kit, then you will need to be added to the account as an examiner to be able to score your WJIV test online.

What is an 8 in Old GCSE?

Grade 8 is the equivalent of in between grades A* and A. Grade 7 is the equivalent of a grade A. Grade 6 is the equivalent of just above a grade B. Grade 5 is the equivalent of in between grades B and C.

Is the Woodcock-Johnson IV valid?

The WJ IV Technical Manual (McGrew, LaForte, & Schrank, 2014) provides extensive validity evidence based on the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Educational Research Association [AERA], American Psychological Association [APA], National Council on Measurement in Education [NCME], 1999).

What are the scores on the Woodcock Johnson test?

The Achievement portion of the Woodcock-Johnson test consists of the following tests. From these tests the following intelligence clusters are scored. Like many other intelligence tests, Woodcock Johnson scoring has some complexities. There are several different scores generated upon completing the Woodcock-Johnson test.

When do you take the Woodcock-Johnson IQ test?

Most recently updated in 2014 (referred to as the WJ IV), the Woodcock-Johnson test is an intelligence test that can be used on participants from the age of 2 all the way to people in their 90s.

Who are the authors of Woodcock Johnson III?

Knowledge General Information Clinical Clusters Academic Knowledge (ACH) Mather, N., & Jaffe, L. (2002). Woodcock-Johnson III: Reports, Recommendations, and Strategies. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement: Clusters/Tests Score Form

What are sample scores for WJ III COG?

SAMPLE SCORE FORMS The following score forms are intended to aid the evaluator in organizing the student’s assessment results on the WJ III COG and WJ III ACH.