How is Sybil Birling presented in An Inspector Calls?

How is Sybil Birling presented in An Inspector Calls?

Mrs Sybil Birling is Arthur Birling’s wife and right from the opening of the play she is cold-hearted and snobbish despite being a prominent member of local women’s charity. It is clear that despite Eric being old enough to drink and Sheila getting married, she sees them both as children, not as a young man and woman.

Why is Mrs Birling described as cold?

Mrs Birling is presented as a cold woman through her callous refusal to accept any responsibility for Eva’s death.

Why is Mrs Birling an unlikeable character?

Therefore, the audience can think that Mrs Birling is not running the charity for the good of lower class woman but more to earn social respect and show off her status. This presents her as an unlikeable character because she is selfish, self centred and doesn’t really care about the good of those in lower classes.

What words describe Mrs Birling?

Birling. Arrogant, Conceited (excessively proud, in terms of status), Pompous (self important – in how she values her surname) , Haughty (arrogantly superior), Imprudent (not caring about the consequences of an action), Overbearing. Sybil can be sympathised with.

How would you describe Sybil Birling?

Sybil Birling is an unsympathetic woman. Priestley describes her as a “about fifty, a rather cold woman,” and her husband’s “social superior.” She is described as a rather cold woman and is her husbands social superior.

Who said we are members of one body?

In `An inspector calls` by J.B Priestley, the writers aim is reflected into this quote, “We don’t live alone. We are all members of one body.

Why is Mrs Birling important?

Priestley uses Mrs Birling as a symbol to represent the wealthier, privileged classes and their selfish attitudes. She sees the working class as morally inferior. Priestley wanted his audience to despise Mrs Birling and the ignorant social snobbery she represents.

Why does Eric get so angry with his mother?

It turns out that Eric had an affair with Eva Smith and that she was pregnant with Eric’s baby when she committed suicide. Eric stole money from his father’s business to help Eva. In the final act Eric makes an emotional attack on his parents and their values and shows that he can be assertive.

How is Mrs Birling presented powerful?

The audience’s first impression of Mrs Birling is as a powerful but unsympathetic character. Priestly presents her as ‘a cold woman’ as an unlikeable character through her speech, views and interactions with other characters. Mrs Birling’s power allows her to act in a patronising manner to everyone around her.

How would you describe Eric Birling?

Eric is the Birlings’ son and is in his early twenties, he is described as being ‘not quite at ease, half shy, half assertive’. In other words, he lacks confidence. At points he tries to stand up to his father but is talked down.

What type of character is Mrs Birling?

Mrs Birling is a capitalist and a snob who values social class above all else. She is an ignorant character, who doesn’t think there are any problems in her family and struggles to believe that Eric drinks heavily or that he was the father of Eva’s child.

What are the quotes in Mrs Birling an Inspector Calls?

This article features some of the key quotes for Mrs Birling in the play, ‘An Inspector Calls’ along with explanation and analysis of these quotes. These quotes can be used in exam answers. Some of the larger quotes do not necessarily have to be quoted in full but just the relevant words or sentence which connects to the point being made. 1.

What are the key quotes in an Inspector Calls?

‘An Inspector Calls’ – key quotes ‘An Inspector Calls’ – Key Quotes Mr Birling “You’re just the kind of son-in-law I always wanted” 4 “I’m talking as a hard-headed, practical man of business… there isn’t a chance of war” 6 “… unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable” 7

Who is Sybil Birling in Inspector Priestley?

Sybil Birling is an unsympathetic woman. With some public influence, she sits on charity organisations and she married the Lord Mayor, Arthur Birling, two years ago. Sybil is mother of Sheila and Eric Birling. Priestley describes her as a “about fifty, a rather cold woman,” and her husband’s “social superior.”

Which is the most important quote in Mrs Birling?

Sybil Birling is the most resistant to change, and represents her demographic of society with this behaviour. Chased money and status throughout the play. The most important Mrs Birling quotes, by act. Many of these quotes, similar to Mr Birling, portray Mrs Birling as selfish. Pg 3: ‘ Sheila! What an expression!