How far is it around Meldon Reservoir?

How far is it around Meldon Reservoir?

Meldon Reservoir and Black Tor is a 4.6 mile loop trail located near Okehampton, Devon, England that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching.

How long is walk around Meldon Reservoir?

Circular Walk near Meldon This circular walk will take you from Meldon Car Park across the moor towards a nature reserve, including a route around Meldon Reservoir. The walk itself should take you about an hour and a half, and is about 6km in length.

Can you walk on Meldon Viaduct?

You can extend your walking in the area by enjoying the trail around Meldon Reservoir or picking up the Dartmoor Way and Two Castles Trail which run to the west of the water. You could follow the trails from the nearby town of Okehampton to the site if you prefer.

Can you kayak on Meldon Reservoir?

The dam does not usually fill until late winter and this is unlikely to be paddleable before then. Water flows from the dam after plenty of rain; this may remain in condition for some days after the rain has passed. This may still offer manageable paddling when other intermediate rivers are too high.

Can you swim in Meldon Reservoir?

Meldon Pool. Dartmoor’s many reservoirs. For example, notices tell you not to swim at Fernworthy Reservoir, Burrator Reservoir and Meldon Reservoir.

Can you cycle around Meldon Reservoir?

Enjoy a waterside walk around this lovely reservoir on Dartmoor. Parking is available at the eastern end of the reservoir but you could walk or cycle to the dam from nearby Okehampton using the Granite Way or the Dartmoor Way. …

How high is Meldon viaduct?

The viaduct is 163 metres (535 feet) long and, at its highest point, rises 46 metres (151 feet) above the valley. The viaduct has slight curve which, combined with its exposed position, resulted in speed and weight restrictions being applied to trains crossing it.

Who built Bennerley Viaduct?

the Great Northern Railway Company
Bennerley Viaduct is a grade 2* listed railway viaduct built in 1877 by the Great Northern Railway Company. At over quarter of a mile long, it is the longest wrought iron viaduct in the country.

Are dogs allowed at Meldon Reservoir?

The reservoir and surrounding moorland make for a fine dog walk. There’s also some nice woodland trails to the north of the water near the viaduct.

How deep is Meldon quarry?

around forty metres
MELDON LIMESTONE QUARRIES. The eastern quarry was worked to a depth of around forty metres but by the end of the nineteenth century production had stopped and the old workings became flooded thus forming Meldon Pool.

How deep is Meldon pond?

Meldon Pool is not a naturally formed body of water it is a flooded disused limestone quarry, the limestone being used for building and for burning in the nearby limekilns. The water was known to have been over 130ft (39.5m) deep and clearly a dangerous place.

Where does Meldon Reservoir supply?

Arguments continued about the precise location of the dam, with particular concerns raised about the fate of the many antiquities in the area. Work finally began in 1954 and the reservoir began supplying the communities of South Devon in 1957.