How do you maintain a Cumaru deck?

How do you maintain a Cumaru deck?

  1. Advice for Ipe, Garapa, and Cumaru Decks.
  2. Install Your Deck Properly.
  3. Pre-finish Your Hardwood Lumber.
  4. Refinish Periodically to Maintain Color.
  5. Clean Your Hardwood Decking Regularly.
  6. Give Your Deck a Deep Clean.
  7. Pressure Wash with Caution.
  8. Fix Any Loose Fasteners, Screws or Nails Right Away.

Is Cumaru wood good for decking?

Cumaru is resistant to rot and decay, making it an excellent choice for exterior applications such as Cumaru decking. It not only lasts a long time, but has the beauty of an interior hardwood. It outlasts other popular wood decking species such as treated Pine, Cedar, Redwood and Douglas Fir.

How much does it cost to build an ipe deck?

Ipe Decking Cost The average Ipe deck costs $4,700 for a 10×15 foot space, including labor and materials. It can range between $3,500 and $9,800 depending on the wood grade quality and the level of difficulty to build.

How long does Cumaru decking last?

Mataverde® Cumaru Decking is so long-lasting it carries a 25 year limited warranty against decay and insects. Cumaru is classified as a very durable wood species. From a durability standpoint, Cumaru hardwood is extremely hard and dense and will resist all types of extreme weather and punishment.

How long will Cumaru decking last?

Cumaru decking can span long distances while still remaining nearly inflexible. The high density of Cumaru also makes it very resistant to rot and decay. Cumaru decking can last for twenty five years and longer without any chemical preservatives.

How long will a black locust deck last?

30-50 years
Both Ipe and Black Locust will last 30-50 years or more. Both are rot-resistant but for different reasons. Naturally rot-resistant due to its closed-grain cell structure and presence of anti-fungal compounds in the wood.

How long does black locust lumber last?

Black Locust wood contains natural organic compounds that resist rot for 100 years or more, which makes these trees an extremely valuable and environmentally friendly tree. It is the perfect wood for fence and deck posts.

Is ipe decking worth the cost?

Among hardwoods, ipe is considered the most prestigious and valued wood. It stands out for its strength, durability, and density. These properties make it rot resistant, mildew resistant, scratch resistant, and the density is the reason it has a class-A fire rating.

Is ipe or Trex more expensive?

For instance, Trex can get hotter to the touch than ipe, so it might not be the best choice for a pool surround. On the other hand, Trex can be a little less expensive upfront than ipe and it is available in colors not found in natural woods.