How do you get 11 in Game Dev Tycoon?

How do you get 11 in Game Dev Tycoon?

How to earn a rating of 11/10 on Game Dev Tycoon

  1. You should have a good team.
  2. Use your boosts at the right time.
  3. Develop a sequel of a really successful game (10 rating) to increase your chance of having a 11/10 score.
  4. Have luck.

How long does it take to finish Game Dev Tycoon?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 250 8h 46m
Main + Extras 139 15h 24m
Completionists 83 25h 10m
All PlayStyles 472 13h 36m

How do you get good at game dev tycoon?

More tips

  1. Don’t develop the same topic/genre twice in a row.
  2. Try to stay out of the red, but if you do fall in, don’t panic.
  3. Wait for the Casual genre to unlock before making games on TES and Master V, since it does so well on them.
  4. Don’t make a game right away after finishing another.
  5. Always take time to fix bugs.

What is pirate mode Game Dev Tycoon?

Updated on 9 March 2018. Video games development simulator Game Dev Tycoon now has an ultra difficult “Pirate Mode” where your software gets pirated. Emulating the real world problem of piracy, this advanced option will see reduced sales on all of your games. “Bankruptcy is likely”, you are told.

How do you unlock MMO in Game Dev Tycoon?

In order to gain access to MMO, the player must first develop Internet, which unlocks both MMO and Codename: GRID. After MMO is developed, MMO support for engine will be available for research by the player or his/her employees. The player must then develop an engine with MMO support to make MMO Games.

How do you unlock AAA in Game Dev Tycoon?

AAA is unlocked by achieving either five tens on a large game, or four tens and one 11 on a large game. After it is unlocked, it can be researched at the R&D lab.

What is Boost Game Dev Tycoon?

Boost is an abilitiy an employee can unlock through training to level 5. The boost gives the employee a massive increase in output of either design, technology or training. The output during a project is determined by the current phase of development.

How do I start pirate mode in Game Dev Tycoon?

When you create a new company, there is a cog icon on the right that opens advanced settings. This is where you can activate the pirate mode.

What version is Game Dev Tycoon on?

Game Dev Tycoon
Composer(s) Alexander Lisenkov Jack White
Engine NW.js (PC) Unity (iOS, Android)
Platform(s) Windows, Windows RT, macOS, Linux, iOS, AndroidNintendo Switch
Release WW : 10 December 2012 Switch: 8 October 2020

How do I get to the fourth office in Game Dev Tycoon?

After R&D Lab, this is unlocked by having a Technology Specialist. You also need to research Hardware in the R&D Lab. Office 4, when you have at least one Design Specialist.