How do you download stats on a TI-89?

How do you download stats on a TI-89?

To download the Statistics with List Editor app, scroll down the page until you can see the description for Statistics with List Editor for TI-89. 9. Click Download.

How do you do stats on a TI 89?

Press CATALOG, press S to get the commands starting with S. Arrow down to SetFold( and press ENTER. Type stat) and press ENTER. Notice that the lower right corner indicates you are now in the stat folder.

How do you program a TI-89?

How to enter a new program

  1. While on the Home screen, hit APPS. Open the PROGRAM EDITOR menu.
  2. Type in the name of the program in the box labeled VARIABLE. Choose a descriptive name up to 7 letters.
  3. Now you are ready to type in each line of your program. You will notice that some lines have already appeared.

How do I transfer files to my TI-89?

Open the TI-GRAPH LINK for the TI-89 software. Go to the Link menu. Scroll down and select the correct Com Port….

  1. Save the file(s) to your computer. (Your desktop is a good location.)
  2. Connect the link cable to the calculator and computer.
  3. Drag and drop the file(s) onto the TI Connect icon.

How do you do stats on a TI-89?

How to run statistics with list editor on TI 89?

Running Stats/List Editor After installing Stats/List Editor: 1. Press 9. The APPLICATIONSmenu is displayed. 2. Select1:FlashApps to display the FLASH APPLICATIONSmenu. Tip: Pressing ¥ 9 from the Home screen of the TI-89 / TI-92 Plus will also display the FLASH APPLICATIONS menu. 3. If necessary, highlight Stats/List Editor.

What is the statistics with list editor application?

The Statistics with List Editor application (Stats/List Editor) adds inferential and more advanced statistics functionality to the TI-89 / TI-92 Plus through an easy-to-use list editor interface. The Stats/List Editor is really two application in one.

How to use list editor on TI 92 plus?

The screens displayed on the TI-92 Plus are similar. list editor menus dialog boxes From the list editor screen, you can: ƒ Store, display, and edit statistical input data in lists. ƒ Perform statistical analyses and store results in output lists. From menus you can access various statistical operations.

How to use statistics with list editor on til92?

To access the Flash Apps CATALOG, press: ƒ ‰ – (Flash Apps) for the TIL89 ƒ 2 ‰ – (Flash Apps) for the TIL92 Plus The CATALOG with all Flash Appsfunctions is displayed. 2. Use the up and down arrow keys (C D) to move the cursor (œ) to the Stats/List Editor function that you want to use.