How do you do a manual switchover?

How do you do a manual switchover?

How to Successfully Perform Manual Switchover to Physical Standby Database

  1. Step1> Prerequisite for switchover to be successful.
  2. Step3> Trigger the Switchover On Standby.
  3. Step5> Configure Log Shipping from New Primary To New standby.
  4. Step6> Start Media Recovery on New Standby Database.
  5. Step7> Post Switchover task.

How do you do switchover in Data Guard using Dgmgrl?

Data Guard switchover with dgmgrl

  1. Ensure SPFILE is used.
  2. Verify dmon process is running and broker parameters viz.
  3. Check if LOCAL_LISTENER is set(This is needed only if you are non-default port other than 1521)
  4. Verify if GLOBAL_DBNAME in listener.ora is set correctly to.
  5. Verify if START_OPTIONS is set to MOUNT in the OCR.

What is switchover and failover in dataguard?

A switchover is a role reversal between the primary database and one of its standby databases. A failover is when the primary database (all instances of a RAC primary database) fails and one of the standby databases is transitioned to take over the primary role.

How do you failover a physical standby database?

Performing failover : Step 1: Check Standby Database role. Step 2: Apply the following command to finish database recovery. SQL> alter database recover managed standby database finish; Database altered. Step 3: Use the following command to activate standby database to a primary.

How do I connect to Dgmgrl?

ADD – Adds a standby database to the broker configuration.

  2. DGMGRL> CONNECT username/password[@connect_identifier]

What is fast-start failover Data Guard?

Fast-Start Failover is a feature that allows the Oracle Data Guard broker to failover a failed primary database automatically to a predetermined standby database. Fast-Start Failover enables the broker to perform these tasks automatically in the same time that it would typically take a DBA to log into the system.

How do I change my primary standby database?

Perform the following steps on the old primary database:

  1. Issue the following statement on the old primary database: SQL> ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO PHYSICAL STANDBY;
  2. Shut down and restart the database: SQL> SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE; SQL> STARTUP MOUNT;

What is difference between failover and failback?

The failover operation is the process of switching production to a backup facility (normally your recovery site). A failback operation is the process of returning production to its original location after a disaster or a scheduled maintenance period.

How do you failover a database?

Expand Databases, and select the database to be failed over. Right-click the database, select Tasks, and then click Mirror. This opens the Mirroring page of the Database Properties dialog box. Click Failover.

How do I check my Dgmgrl configuration?

You can enable the entire configuration, including all of the databases, with the following command: DGMGRL> ENABLE CONFIGURATION; Enabled. Show the configuration. Enable the database.

How to switch databases in Oracle 11g Data Guard?

Convert old standby database as primary and shutdown database: SQL> alter database commit to switchover to primary; Database altered. SQL> shutdown immediate; ORA-01109: database not open Database dismounted.

When to use data guard switchover and switch back?

After configuring data guard, databases would be either primary and standby database role, and we can altered these roles without loss of data or without resetting logs. called switchover and switch back. Before performing switchover, kindly verify the state of data guard on both the instances by following SQL queries:

Is there a manual switch over in Oracle 11?

The Manual Switch over steps were tested in oracle and below steps were followed in Critical production database many times in the past and switch over were completed successfully! We have primary and two standby database on this data guard environment.

How to switch from Data Guard to grid control?

Performing a switchover using the Data Guard Command Line interface is a simple and efficient process. However, if you are managing your Data Guard environment with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control you will need to reconfigure the monitoring and metrics for the new primary and standby.