How do you beat Xenu in Pocket God?

How do you beat Xenu in Pocket God?

To stop Xenu, you have to interact in any way with each Chamber (including the Xenu Altar), to obtain colored gems. Place them on their correct pedestals on the pillars of Apocalypse Temple, and Xenu will be trapped inside it.

What is the point of Pocket God?

The point of Pygmies is to provide the player subjects to rule over as god. The most Pygmies that can be an an island is six, though there are ways of getting around this rule (please see the “Trivia” section).

How do you rescue Tom in Pocket God?

It contains a pygmy named Tom, who is key to starting the Apocalypse. He refuses to leave his cell. To get him out, you must use the machine to kill a Pygmy and turn it into Thetans . The Thetans will hold the door open, so you can take Tom out of his cell.

How do you summon ice squid?

The squid is exclusive to Ice Island. To make the squid appear, you must first toggle on the ice hole icon. If you stretch the sun, the Pygmies will begin to swelter under the heat, catch on fire, and melt through the ice, creating the ice hole.

How to unlock all episodes of Pocket God?

1. Drop Pygmy in water. 2. Flick Pygmy behind island. Episode 2: Does This Megabyte Make My App Look Fat? 1. Unlock Episode 1. 1. Flick Pygmy in to volcano. 2. Make Volcano overflow with lava by throwing another Pygmy in. 3. Make Volcano erupt by throwing another Pygmy in the volcano. 4.

When does episode 43 of Pocket God air?

In honor of Super Bowl XLVI (Giants vs Patriots) taking place on Sunday, February 5, 2012, at 3:30pm PT, Episode 43 debuted the Superbowl Skin Pack. This skin pack allows the player to turn their islands into a football lover’s dream, including transforming the volcano into a stadium or painting the ground with yardlines.

When did Pocket God Killing Time come out?

Killing Time is the 43rd episode of Pocket God and was released on February 1st, 2012, making it the first update of 2012. As well as featuring the debut of Apocalypse Island, “Killing Time” is the first part of a trilogy that will unfold over several more updates.

What do you do with a pygmy on Pocket God?

1. Make Pygmies dance by tapping the screen. 2. Bounce coconut on Pygmy’s head by dropping a coconut on a Pygmy’s head. 3. Bounce coconut on sleeping Pygmy’s head. 4. Pin Pygmy with meteor. 5. Bowl Pygmies with meteor. 6. Pygmy eats a coconut. Episode 8: Jump the Shark. 1. Feed Pygmy to shark. 2.