How do you beat the Red mine in Tomb Raider?

How do you beat the Red mine in Tomb Raider?

Use the rope arrow to connect the front of the cart to the beam, then return to the buckets. Jump to it and the now hanging mine cart will block the water. Go to the center platform and use a Molotov Cocktail to burn the beams and cloth in your way. Jump across, climb the stairs, and claim your reward.

How do you get Molotov past water in Tomb Raider?

Then grab a bottle and cloth, craft a molotov, and throw it over the pipe so the rushing water doesn’t extinguish the flame before it reaches its target. Wait for the flames to die down. Then jump through the water, taking care not to fall down the hole below, and enter the tomb.

How do I get to the tomb in Soviet installation?

Soviet Installation tombs

  1. Soviet Installation tombs. The Red Mine.
  2. Jump across then turn to the left. You’ll see some yellow symbols and a green light.
  3. Drop down, walk up to the console and hit it.
  4. Voice of God.
  5. Go inside the cave.
  6. Ancient Cistern.
  7. Now climb down into the cave using the ladder.
  8. Geothermal Valley tombs.

How do I get out of the copper mill in Tomb Raider?

To jump over from the left side of the mill to the right one, you first need to rip away the wooden fence. Shoot an arrow at its part that is covered with rope, Lara will pull the rope and destroy the fence. After that, jump over to the other side, enter the opposite room and climb up the ladder.

Where is the copper mill Tomb Raider?

the Logging Camp
The locations are at the bottom of the Logging Camp (Second Visit) walkthrough. Just to the left of the barrier with rope wrapped around it is a mural. Use a rope arrow to yank down the barrier. This area is filled with little resources like ammo, herbs, and mushrooms.

How do I get to the copper mill in tomb Raider?

After you get to the grounds of the mill, climb up the yellow ladder, onto the first railway car. After you get onto the roof, jump over onto the next one. Over the next ladder, climb onto the first level of the copper mill. Walk around the mill on the left.

How do you get the relic in copper mill yard?

From the Copper Mill Yard Base Camp climb up through the buildings to the room with the mural and relic #16. Pull down the rope-wrapped barrier, slide down the chute, and jump onto the ledge in the room below. Climb onto the ledge above the strongbox and then use a rope arrow to reach the room with the relic.

How do you break the wooden floor in Tomb Raider?

Use a rope arrow to pull down the wooden barrier in the celing and climb back up to the room where you slid down the chute. You’ll find some arrows and a container of cloth on the way up.