How do musical cards work?

How do musical cards work?

Introduction: Musical Greeting Card A small six pin processor is programmed with a melody to be played back through a piezo speaker. A lithium button cell provides the power and a leaf switch closes when the card is opened, turning the music on.

What is a musical card?

Musical cards are a fun way to enhance the thoughtfulness or humor of a greeting card. Most feature a small device imbedded in the card, which plays music when the card is opened and is powered by a tiny battery. Kids in particular like traditional paper birthday cards, particularly if they’re musical.

How do you hack a musical card?


  1. Here’s what you need to hack a greeting card! Musical greeting card.
  2. Find the electronics. Remove the part of the card covering the electronics.
  3. Cut off the cover.
  4. Cut out the electronics.
  5. Add a pull-string.
  6. Tape your card in a secret place.
  7. Tape the string.
  8. Set the trap.

Who invented musical cards?

Louis Prang, a Prussian immigrant with a print shop near Boston, is credited with creating the first Christmas card originating in the United States in 1875. It was very different from Cole and Horsley’s of 30 years prior, in that it didn’t even contain a Christmas or holiday image.

Can you make your own singing card?

Make greeting your loved ones more special with a personalized musical greeting card. You can create your own greeting card using your favorite photos and personal recorded message. The front of the card will be printed with a photo of your choice. Your custom message will be printed on the inside of the card.

How long do musical greeting cards last?

Long Battery Life The cards contain internal batteries and can last up to 200 plays or up to 2 years.

How to make a musical greeting card circuit?

Musical Greeting Card. 1 Step 1: The Circuit Diagram. The circuit is very simple and consists of just four components: the battery, microcontroller, piezo speaker and switch. 2 Step 2: The Chip. 3 Step 3: The Board. 4 Step 4: The Chip. 5 Step 5: Soldering.

Can you play music on a greeting card?

Everytime you open the card, the sound module will play your custom sound or music. Give it to someone special, a family member, a friend, and watch them be in awe of the musical greeting card. Have a chance to be featured in our upcoming newsletters and articles!

Where is the sound module on a greeting card?

These two notches are to sit on the crease line on the left side of the inside portion of the card, while the sound module is to be placed onto the module is to be placed in the indicated location of the template Once the sound module is installed, you are just a few minutes away from a completed personal musical greeting card.

How many notes are in a musical greeting card?

The program takes up 56 locations in memory. The PIC10F200 has 256 such locations available. A melody consisting of 200 notes or so can be fitted in to this chip. This should be sufficient for a musical greeting card. The microcontroller is one of the smallest six pin PIC10F series manufactured by Microchip.