How do I set up Giganews?

How do I set up Giganews?

To use the Giganews Accelerator, change the server settings in your newsreader to:

  1. Username: Giganews username.
  2. Password: Giganews password.
  3. Server: localhost (do not use
  4. Port: 119 (do not use ports 23, 80, 443 or 563)
  5. SSL (if your newsreader supports it): disabled.

What is Giganews mimo?

Mimo is a multi-platform Usenet Browser designed specifically for Giganews’ multi-year retention. Mimo is optimized for faster browsing, searching and downloads and features integrated search and advanced image viewing.

Is Giganews any good?

A premium Usenet service for the more demanding user There are cheaper Usenet providers around, but Giganews scores with us for its reliable network, performance and support.

What is newsgroup ninja?

We are a tier-1 Usenet reseller intent on providing superior service at a low price. We have partnered with one of the oldest and most reliable Usenet providers to resell service in a simple package. With Newsgroup Ninja, you’ll never need to worry about overages, long commitments, or paying for unused extras.

What is Usenet provider?

Overview: Usenet is a dedicated and secure user network with thousands of servers storing over 400 Petabytes of data – the equivalent of 100+ billion user-submitted articles and files – with numerous Points of Presence across several continents.

Is downloading from Usenet safe?

The short answer is, yes, it’s as safe as any other form of the internet. It can have its share of rotten users, spam, malicious files, phishing links, etc. If you’re well versed in the traditional web, however, there’s nothing more dangerous about Usenet.

How much does giganews cost?

Users around the world have come to know Giganews as a powerful, fast and unlimited Usenet. We’re excited to announce you can now get Usenet from the world’s best Usenet provider for an even lower price – just $12.50/month when you sign up for an annual subscription!

How to set up a SSL connection for Giganews?

Name: (create a name of your choice) Server Address: enter in Connections: up to 10 or 20 depending on Giganews account. Username and Password: provided in email. Set SSL Port: check if using SSL. You can use port 563 or 443 for secure connections or port 119, 80 or 23 for standard connections.

How does Giganews provide support for Usenet?

Giganews provides all support and member service through email and live chat. Support is provided by in-house Giganews employees with the Usenet experience and understanding of our services necessary to help you out from the start. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do I need to set up a GrabIt server?

The server properties screen includes everything you need to get up and running. Simply enter the information as follows: A ā€“ Hostname:, (SSL) or (text-only) B ā€“ Port: use port 443, 563 or 8080 for secure or port 119, 23, 25, 3128, 8000 or 9000 for standard connections.

How do I install GrabIt on my Desktop?

Visit the GrabIt newsreader homepage ( to download the latest version of the client. The installation is simple. Choose a folder for the program to install and whether or not you want desktop or quick launch icons. The first time you open GrabIt the configuration wizard appears.