How do I join WriteGirl?

How do I join WriteGirl?

If you have any questions about the mentor program please contact WriteGirl at [email protected] or call us at 213-253-2655. Apply your skills, explore your personal passions, and make a difference in a teen’s life.

When was WriteGirl founded?

December 2001
WriteGirl was launched in December 2001 to bring the skills and energy of professional women writers to teenage girls who do not otherwise have access to creative writing or mentoring programs.

What is girls Write now day?

Girls Write Now Day celebrates girls and girl writers and encourages girls of all ages everywhere to “put pen to paper and explore the beauty and power of their unique, creative voices.” It takes place in conjunction with International Women’s Day, and in New York City it is a local celebration of sorts of that day.

Who started WriteGirl?

Keren Taylor
Keren Taylor, Executive Director of WriteGirl, has been a community leader for nearly two decades. In 2001, she founded WriteGirl with the idea of leveraging the skills of women writers to mentor underserved youth through a slate of creative writing workshops, one-on-one mentoring and college readiness programs.

What year did the CNN Hero receive the award for Writegirl?

2014 CNN Hero Keren Taylor founded her mentorship program to keep girls from dropping out of school. Today, she’s helped thousands of them write their own success story.

How can I write fast?

These are our strategies for how to write faster:

  1. Write every day.
  2. Use an outline to write faster.
  3. Avoid editing as you go.
  4. Research later.
  5. Practice your typing speed.
  6. Sit up properly to write faster.
  7. Use talk-to-text.
  8. Do writing sprints.

How can I make my handwriting beautiful?

How to Have Beautiful Handwriting

  1. Choose a style. Writers who work by hand can choose from a variety of handwriting styles.
  2. Choose the right pen. Modern calligraphy tends to rely on fountain pens, which lend themselves well to cursive writing.
  3. Practice consistently.
  4. Use the proper grip.
  5. Take a formal class.

How do I find my writing style?

Follow these general guidelines to help you find that style and develop your writing voice and tone:

  1. Be original.
  2. Use your life experiences.
  3. Be present in your writing.
  4. Have an adaptable voice.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone.
  6. Read other authors.
  7. Write often.
  8. Hone your craft.

Who is WriteGirl and what do they do?

WriteGirl is a creative writing and mentoring organization that promotes creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills to empower teen girls. Thank you to everyone who supported the 2021 WriteGirl Bold Ink Awards!

Are there any nonbinary girls on WriteGirl?

WriteGirl is serving hundreds of girls and nonbinary teens who are turning to WriteGirl now more than ever for support, inspiration, stability and resources. Did you know…

Why are Healthcare Content writers rely on writergirl?

Healthcare content writers and strategists | WriterGirl Clear healthcare content can help you reach your audiences and build your brand. Learn why healthcare organizations rely on WriterGirl to deliver.

Why is it important for girls to write now?

Girls Write Now stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and the intersectional coalition of artists, activists and organizations fighting for justice.