How do I contact healthnet?

How do I contact healthnet?

Below is a list of the best way to reach us per service or plan type….Individual and Family Plans.

Contact name Contact number
Health Net member – enrolled through Covered California™ 1-888-926-4988
Sales 1-877-878-7983
24-hour Automated Payment Line 1-800-539-4193
TTY (hearing and speech impaired) 1-888-926-5180

What is the number to Health Net?

00 1 800-552-3971
Health Net/Customer service

Is Health Net the same as MHN?

Managed Health Network, Inc. (MHN) is a subsidiary of Health Net, Inc. The MHN family of companies includes Managed Health Network, MHN Services and MHN Government Services.

What company owns Health Net?

Centene Corporation
Health Net/Parent organizations

Is Health Net a PPO or HMO?

Health Net POS is a two-tiered point-of-service plan. Members have the option to use benefits at an HMO benefit level or PPO benefit level whenever they need care. HMO benefits include PCP, referral to see a specialist, predictable payments, and no claim paperwork.

What type of insurance is Health Net?

Health Net, LLC, a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, is an American health care insurance provider. Health Net and its subsidiaries provide health plans for individuals, families, businesses and people with Medicare and Medicaid.

Is Health Net PPO or HMO?

What kind of insurance is Health Net?

Health Net is the only Medi-Cal plan in Los Angeles and Sacramento counties that offers both medical and dental coverage.

What is Health Net MHN?

Health Net’s behavioral health partner, Managed Health Network (MHN) is the administrator of UC Blue & Gold HMO’s behavioral health benefits. By having medical and behavioral services integrated under Health Net, we want to ensure you and your covered family members receive more seamless, quality care.

What does Mhn stand for?


Acronym Definition
MHN Mental Health Nursing
MHN Men’s Health Network
MHN Main Hoon Na (Hindi movie)
MHN Mental Health Net

What is the phone number for Health Net federal services?

Health Net Federal Service customer service phone number: 1-800-621-6499. Eligibility: For information about enrollment in the Taos VA Outpatient Clinic, please call Eligibility and Enrollment at (505) 265-1711, ext. 2741.

What is health phone number? Customer Service / Support: 1-800-318-2596 (24/7) When calling the Customer Support number, you will hear the following automated respons. Take note of the options, especially which key to press in order to speak to a live person (if available). Welcome to the Health Insurance Market Place.

What is California Health Net?

Health Net. Based in Woodland Hills , Calif., Health Net is a managed health care company that was founded in 1985. Health Net serves 18 percent of Covered California enrollees in all pricing regions except 6, 12 and 13.