How do I combine branches in Coggle?

How do I combine branches in Coggle?

Drag any item with no text onto another item to create a join, and right-click on the branch to remove it from the context menu. Use it to create flow-charts, process diagrams, network charts and more!

How do you move branches in Coggle?

To move a branch in a Coggle diagram, just drag the text label next to the branch, it’s as simple as that! tip: In Coggle, the position of the branch is always controlled by the position of the text items. To make the branch curve in a different way you can add control points along the branch without any text.

How do you edit on Coggle?

The title of a Coggle diagram is always the same as the text in the central item – so to edit the title, or change the name of a diagram, just open the diagram and click the central item to edit it. It’s as simple as that!

How do you draw a line in Coggle?

Use Straight Lines for Connection Branches

  1. Right click on an item in the diagram.
  2. Click on the colour-wheel style icon.
  3. Select the straight line style from the top left of the style menu.

How do you get rid of lines in Coggle?

If you no longer need a Coggle diagram you’ve created, you can delete it by clicking the trash can icon on its thumbnail in your documenst list page. The diagram will remain with an option to undo the deletion until you refresh the page, just in case you change your mind!

How do you undo in Coggle?

Undo and Redo

  1. [ctrl] + [Z] (or [command] + [Z] on Mac) undoes the last change (works for all changes since the page was reloaded)
  2. [ctrl] + [shift] + [Z] redoes the last undone change. ( [ command] + [shift] + [Z] on Mac)

Is Coggle safe?

You can share your Coggle Diagrams with the world, but we do not want you to be surprised by anything, or accidentally share something that you intend to keep private. We will never share private Coggle Diagrams you’ve created, or make them public, unless you tell us to (even if you cancel your subscription).

What is a Coggle diagram?

Collaborative Mind Maps & Flowcharts. Coggle is an online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps and flowcharts. It works online in your browser: there’s nothing to download or install. Log in to start diagramming now!

How do I allow people to edit my Coggle?

Share a Link to Allow Anyone to Edit Without Logging In

  1. Open the sharing dialog.
  2. Click to create a ‘New Link’
  3. Hover over the link, and click on the pencil icon to enable anyone you share the link with to edit.
  4. Share the link with your collaborators.

How do I move a text box in Coggle?

hover over the text box of your branch til you see the hand symbol. Click and drag. you can move the branch to another part of the map, stretch it out to give it room, shrink it for clarity of reading etc..

How do you delete text in Coggle?

Right click on the text to open the context menu (or press and hold on it using a touchscreen device). Then click on the “delete branch” option in the context menu. Alternatively, on a desktop device, hold either the [ctrl] or [alt] keys, and hover over the text of the item.