How do I check my HMC details from LPAR?

How do I check my HMC details from LPAR?

There are two ways to find the right HMC for the right LPAR. One way is to log on to the individual LPAR itself and list the HMCs that it connects to. This is quite straightforward, provided that the LPAR is up and running and has an active connection to the HMC.

How do I check my HMC port status?

Verifying the RMC port for each partition From the HMC GUI, click HMC Management → Change Network Settings → LAN Adapter/Details → Firewall Settings, and then select Allow RMC.

How do I activate LPAR from HMC GUI?

In the navigation pane, open Systems Management > Servers, and click the system on which the logical partition is located. In the work pane, select the logical partition that you want to activate. From the Tasks menu, click Operations > Activate > Profile.

How do I find my HMC serial number?

HMC useful commands

  1. lshmc -v. Shows vital product data, such as the serial number.
  2. lshmc -V. Shows the release of the HMC.
  3. lshmc -n. Shows network information of the HMC.
  4. hmcshutdown -r -t now. Reboot the HMC.
  5. lssysconn -r all.
  6. chhmcusr -u hscpe -t passwd -v abc1234.
  7. lshmcusr.
  8. ls -al /var/hsc/log/cimserver.log.

What is HMC in AIX?

A Hardware Management Console (HMC) is an appliance used to manage Power Systems servers. It also provides access to the console of every virtual machine (LPAR) on every managed server. …

How do I access HMC command line?

To open a terminal window, use the Open Restricted Shell Terminal task from the HMC Management work pane. You must ensure that your script executions between SSH clients and the HMC are secure. You can enable or disable the remote command line interface access to the HMC.

How do I check my HMC memory?

When the HMC is at version 8.7.0, or later, complete the following steps to check the memory distribution for a logical partition:

  1. In the navigation pane, click the Resources icon .
  2. Click All Systems.
  3. In the work pane, select the system and click Actions > View System Properties.

How do I know what model HMC I have?

To check the firmware level on the HMC, choose one of the following options:

  1. To check the firmware level by using the HMC GUI: Go to HMC Management.
  2. To check the firmware level by using the HMC command line, enter the following command on the HMC command line: lshmc –V.

How do I access AIX HMC?

To access the HMC remotely, open the supported browser and enter the URL of https://. Note that you must specify secure http (https). If your HMC host name is not in the DNS, you should specify the IP address assigned to the HMC for remote access.

How do I find my HMC MAC address?

To view the MAC addresses of virtual ethernet adapters Run lssyscfg -r sys -F name command to get all system names attached to the HMC.

How do you restart LPAR from HMC command line?

  1. Soft Reset of an LPAR. power4: [email protected]> chsysstate -m pserver -r lpar -n mylpar -o reset.
  2. Soft Reset of a System Running in FullPartitionMode. power4: [email protected]> chsysstate -n pserver -r sys -o reset.
  3. Hard Reset of an LPAR.
  4. Hard Reset of a System Running in FullPartitionMode.

How do I open HMC command line?

Which is HMC does this LPAR belong to?

You can check the syntax for the HMC command line in the links below. It is helpful to get a little familiar with the HMC command line, especially with the command to list the configuration (lssyscfg). If you do, you can gather information about your environment into a CSV format.

How to list LPAR created in your system?

To list LPAR created in your system use lsyscfg command as mentioned below. To finish a VTERM, simply press ~ followed by a dot .! The above example would boot the partition in normal mode. To boot it into SMS menu use -b sms and to boot it to the OpenFirmware prompt use -b of.

Which is the HMC command line for system administrators?

HMC command line: The 2 mostly used commands to gather info about managed systems and lpars: lssyscfg: info about managed system, lpar (i.e. running or not) or profile configuration lshwres: info about the resources (cpu/mem/vscsi..) of a managed system or lpar—–

Which is the command to manage the AIX LPAR?

Log on to the AIX LPAR and run the following command: Note that on older releases of AIX, the command used to be lsrsrc IBM.ManagementServer instead of IBM.MCP. You can see from the output of the lsrsrc command that this LPAR is managed by two HMCs and you should be able to log on to either one of them to manage the AIX LPAR.