How do I change the ink in my Canon wireless printer?

How do I change the ink in my Canon wireless printer?

Replacing Procedure

  1. Make sure that the power is turned on, then open the front cover (A) and the paper output tray (B).
  2. Open the paper output cover (C).
  3. Push down the ink cartridge lock lever of the empty FINE cartridge until it clicks.
  4. Remove the FINE cartridge.

How do I use my Canon MG2120?


  1. Place the document on the Platen.
  2. Start MP Navigator EX and open the Navigation Mode screen.
  3. In Scan/Import, click Photos/Documents (Platen).
  4. Select Document Type according to the document to be scanned.
  5. Click Specify… to set the document size and scanning resolution as required.
  6. Click Scan.

How do I change the ink in my Canon MG2120 printer?

Here’s how:

  1. Switch your Canon PIXMA MG2120 printer on and lower its front cover and output tray. You should also lower the paper output cover.
  2. Wait for the head cover to automatically open.
  3. Slide out the old cartridge from its placement.
  4. Pull up the lock lever of your new cartridge.

What type of ink does a Canon mg2120 use?

OEM Canon PG-240XL Black, CL-241XL Color Ink Cartridge 2-Pack.

How do I change the ink in my Canon MG2220?

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. Connect your PIXMA MG2220 to a power supply. Press down its power button to turn on.
  2. There are two cartridges. Select which one you want to replace.
  3. Grab the replacement cartridge. Remove its packaging, as well as its protective film.
  4. Push in the new cartridge into the slot.

How do I change the ink in my Canon Pixma MG2220?

How do you remove ink cartridges from a Canon printer?

Wipe the top of the Canon ink cartridge off with a paper towel. Place a small piece of duct tape over the drilled hole. Rub the tape to remove air bubbles and to make sure it adheres to the cartridge. Put the refilled ink cartridge back into the printer.

How do you install HP printer ink cartridges?

Putting Ink Cartridges in a HP Printer Open the ink tray in the center of your printer. Pop the existing ink cartridges out of the printer. Remove the new ink cartridge from the packaging. Insert your new ink cartridges. Close the ink cartridge door.

What is printer cartridge?

Printer cartridges contain a special mixture of ink and lubricants to create images or letters when run through an electric printer. Most cartridges are watertight, with only a small hole for dispensing the ink mixture when signals are sent to it by the printer, but occasionally faults may exist within the cartridge itself.