How did Shindong lose so much weight?

How did Shindong lose so much weight?

He stated in an interview, “I’ve been on a lot of diets, so many that I could say that I’ve tried all of them. Shindong added, “I’ve been eating a balanced diet with three meals a day and seeing the weight fall off even without exercise, I realized why I had been failing at my other diets.

Why did Shindong gain weight again?

1 of 4Shindong and fellow Suju member Kyuhyun He admitted that he’s piled on the pounds due to health issues, as well as his love for barbecued and fried food. A recent medical examination also revealed that he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Is Shindong sick?

When asked about his health, the source explained, “It’s a temporary symptom,” and “Shindong will rest well and focus on his recovery so that it does not affect Super Junior’s activities that are scheduled for the second half of the year.”

What happen to Shindong?

Super Junior star Shindong will be taking a break from broadcasted activities for health reasons. According to Soompi, the band’s agency Label SJ revealed the simple statement which read: ‘Shindong will be halting activities on broadcasted channels for the time being due to health reasons.

How old is Super Junior?

Super Junior, or sometimes addressed as SuJu or SJ, is a Korean boyband under SM Entertainment. The group was formed in November 2005, with an initial of 12 members.

Who is the fat guy in Super Junior?

From the heaviest looking person to Super Junior, now Shindong has lost weight dramatically, his body is so slim that his group member can hold it.

Who is the fat one in Super Junior?

On November 29th, Siwon (Super Junior) uploaded a picture to his personal Instagram holding his colleague Shindong and showing his “My brother lost a lot of weight” trophy. From the heaviest looking person to Super Junior, now Shindong has lost weight dramatically, his body is so slim that his group member can hold it.

Is shindong divorced?

Dongho got married in 2015; he and his wife have a son. In September 2018, Dongho confirmed his divorce. He stated he and his wife did not separate due to a bad relationship so they will take responsibility for their child as parents despite not being a married couple.

Is shindong a good dancer?

Super Junior’s Shindong has amazed netizens with his dance skills after covering IZ*ONE’s “Fiesta”. “He’s really good and his dancing is pretty.”

Why did Shindong decide to lose his weight?

Late last month, Shindong announced that he would be focusing on losing weight for health reasons, and has been able to lose 17 kilograms, going from a starting weight of 116 kilograms to 99 kilograms. Shindong is said to have decided to lose weight for health reasons and to continue his career as a member of Super Junior.

How much weight did Shindong lose on Super Junior?

January 30th, 2020 Super Junior ‘s Shindong appeared on a radio show where he opened up about his recent drastic weight loss transformation. He shocked everyone when he revealed that he lost 31kg (68lbs) since he started his diet back in October! Your browser does not support video.

What kind of diet does Shindong go on?

In the past, the male icon had tried several types of diet, such as Danish diet, restricting himself to take up a high amount of calories and wherein he can only eat food that has high-protein and is low-fat. Also, he came up to the point when he started starving himself amidst the busy and tiring schedule just to have a fit body.