How can I surrender my LPG gas subsidy?

How can I surrender my LPG gas subsidy?

If you wish to surrender your LPG subsidy offline then you must download the surrender form and fill it up after taking a print out of it. You can also avail this form at the gas agency where your connection is registered. After you fill up the form, you must submit it to the gas agency.

How can I surrender my Indane gas subsidy Online?

How to Give-Up LPG Subsidy of Indane Through or micro sites?

  1. Visit the Official portal or
  2. On the top of the webpage, click on the option “Give Up LPG Subsidy Online”
  3. Select your service provider i.e. Indane.
  4. Corresponding page will open.

How many people have given up LPG subsidy?

“Of the 52.83 lakh consumers, 8.26 lakh of them have not accepted the subsidy. Similarly, in Maharashtra, 16.52 lakh consumers gave up their subsidy out of 2.88 crore consumers,” the documents say.

Who is not eligible for LPG subsidy?

People whose annual income is above Rs 10 lakh cannot receive a subsidy on LPG cylinders. The Rs 10-lakh income includes the combined earning of husband and wife. But if your yearly salary is below Rs 10 lakh, then you can check online whether you are receiving the subsidy or not.

What happens if we give up LPG subsidy?

The benefit associated with surrendering the LPG subsidy includes reducing subsidy costs by encouraging higher-income households to purchase the LPG cylinders at the market price, as it eases the burden on the government. This would in turn stabilise the economy and lower the fiscal deficit of the country.

Who gets subsidized LPG?

How much is the subsidy for LPG gas?

The subsidy amount on domestic cylinders depends on the city and it falls in the range between Rs 420 – Rs 465 for a 14.2 kg cylinder. In case of a non-domestic LPG cylinder, the subsidy rates fall between Rs 593 – Rs 605 per cylinder.

How can I check my LPG subsidy?

How can I know my LPG subsidy amount? Click on the link where you will have to provide your 17-digit LPG ID and click on ‘Submit’. You can then view the subsidy amount you will be eligible to receive by mentioning the details of your bank account and Aadhaar number.

Is LPG price hike today?

Subsidised as well as non-subsidised LPG now costs ₹899.50 per 14.2-kg cylinder in Delhi, according to a report by ANI. The latest increase in subsidised LPG price now has taken the cumulative rate hike since January 1 to ₹205 per cylinder.

Why has my LPG subsidy stopped?

For the past several months, the Central government has stopped subsidies on LPG since May 2020. The step was taken after the price of crude oil and gas in international markets plummeted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When did the Indian government give up the LPG subsidy?

In March 2015, the Indian government launched the ‘Give It Up’ scheme which aims to motivate LPG users who are able to afford to pay the market price for LPG, to voluntarily surrender their LPG subsidy.

How can I Opt Out of LPG subsidy?

Come join the ‘GiveItUp’ movement. We value your involvement and would like to have your permission to put your name in the ‘Scroll of Honour’ for opting out of Subsidy. Click here to view ‘Scroll of Honour’. If you do not know your LPG ID, click here.

Is the give up subsidy a good idea?

This will truly be a gift of good health to the women and children of these poor families who suffer most from health issues caused by indoor pollution by using fuels like coal, fire wood, crop waste etc. Come join the ‘GiveItUp’ movement.