How can I read my AT text messages online?

How can I read my AT text messages online?

You can access your messages—and send or receive messages using your mobile number—from your tablet or computer at

What is AT’s text number?

Add the SMS gateway address of the recipient’s cellular provider immediately after the 10-digit phone number. AT uses “,” Verizon uses “” and T-Mobile uses “” For example, to send a message to an AT wireless customer, the address might look like “[email protected]

How can I see my text message history on AT?

Log in and go to myAT > My wireless > Check usage . On the Usage page, scroll down to Usage by number and select the line you wish to view. Click on Data, text & talk logs. You’ll be able to view the date/time sent, contact number and the usage amount.

Why are my text messages not showing up on AT bill?

It would be billed as part of your Data, instead of appearing as a text message. Only SMS/MMS messages appear itemized on your bill. Also, as on any device, a third party app would not show this text had been sent on your bill. If your SMS/MMS text did not go through, one would normally receive an error message.

Why do I keep getting AT free message?

It’s a scam! The link included in the fake text messages is a phishing link, leading you to a phishing page where scammers prompt you to enter personal information like banking details or credit card numbers.

How do I talk to a live person at AT?

New service

  1. New service. 888.333.6651. Monday – Friday, 7am – 9pm CT Saturday – Sunday, 8am – 9pm CT.
  2. Order status. 877.782.8870. Available 24/7.
  3. Support for travel abroad. +1.314.925.6925. Available 24/7. FREE from mobile phone.
  4. Disability resources. TTY: 866.241.6567. Voice: 866.241.6568.

Does AT save text message content?

AT currently stores Your sent and received Messages for up to 90 days. Messages older than 90 days will be deleted from Your Messages cloud storage. If Your Messages cloud storage is terminated due to inactivity Your messages will remain on Your smartphone until You delete them.

Does ATT keep text message content?

Is AT text messaging down? is UP and reachable by us.

What does att message mean?

ATT means “At This Time”. ATT in a text message may also mean “All The Time”.

How do you send an email to an ATT phone?

Open a new email message or select a message to forward. Type the recipient’s email address into the To field of the email using the following format for AT addresses: 10-digit [email protected] For example, to send an email to a phone number of (724) 555-9876 you would enter [email protected]

Can you see text messages on AT?

AT customers can view the content of text messages stored in the cloud by logging in to the AT Messages website at Messages can also be downloaded to a computer or smartphone from the website.

How long does AT archive text messages?

For Messages to be stored by customer, Messages sent and received using the Solution will be retained by AT for a period of five (5) days or until the message is downloaded by customer, whichever time period is shorter.