How can I make my conference more interesting?

How can I make my conference more interesting?

10 Ways To Make Your Conferences Interesting

  1. Ice Breaker Sessions. Most attendees feel awkward when they are in a room full of strangers.
  2. Make it Interactive.
  3. Emcee To The Rescue.
  4. Storytelling To Grab Attention.
  5. Breakout Sessions.
  6. Video Montages.
  7. World Cafe Discussions.
  8. Props Over PowerPoint.

How do you plan a fun conference?

10 Foolproof Ideas for Planning a Fun, Memorable Team Meeting

  1. Tip 1: Dress casually.
  2. Tip 2: Present differently.
  3. Tip 3: Encourage participation.
  4. Tip 4: Plan icebreakers.
  5. Tip 5: Break things up.
  6. Tip 6: Offer a variety of seating.
  7. Tip 7: Move people around.
  8. Tip 8: Serve healthy beverages.

How do you make a virtual conference interesting?

Virtual conference social media ideas:

  1. Post a countdown clock.
  2. Host a contest, such as a raffle or a user-generated-photo contest.
  3. Create a hashtag for your event.
  4. Run a social media takeover with keynote guests.
  5. Use interactive elements to engage your audience, such as Instagram story polls or augmented reality filters.

How do I make a conference session interactive?

Five Fun Ways to Engage an Audience

  1. #1 Breakout Sessions. Small group workshops are increasingly becoming conference staples.
  2. Pre-Registration. It’s a good idea to let attendees select their breakout group in advance.
  3. Improv.
  4. #2 Interactive Presentations.
  5. Creative Slides.
  6. #3 Social Media Walls.
  7. #5 Games and Giveaways.

How do you make a conference not boring?

The thing is, meetings don’t have to be boring….Avoid a boring meeting with these 5 tips

  1. Use laughter.
  2. Walk instead of sit.
  3. Only talk about what’s necessary.
  4. Bring goodies to share.
  5. Skip your meeting altogether.

How do you make a conference less boring?

Changing your meeting routine will promote focus and engagement among your co-workers. Give your colleagues the space to come up with those solutions….Tweet This

  1. Don’t over-schedule. No one wants to spend six hours a week in meetings.
  2. Only schedule a meeting when it is truly necessary.
  3. Schedule shorter meetings.

How do I make my conference stand out?

Techniques that will make your conference stand out

  1. 1) Have a welcome team.
  2. 2) Goodie bags.
  3. 3) Ensure that everything is well-signposted.
  4. 4) Make your staff easy to spot.
  5. 5) Make a special effort with first time attendees.
  6. 6) Ensure that your wi-fi details are easy to find.
  7. 7) Provide plenty of charging points.

How do you make conferences engaging?

The Best Ways to Keep an Event Audience Engaged:

  1. Choose skilled moderators that are pros at engaging the audience.
  2. Switch to more conversational formats.
  3. Hold a separate Q&A with your speakers.
  4. Offer attendees 1:1 sessions with experts.
  5. Finish with a reflection on key learnings.
  6. Make the meal choice customizable.

How do you hype a virtual meeting?

5 Ways to Create Engagement for Your Virtual Audience!

  1. Build the Hype. We all know what they say about first impressions.
  2. Use Feedback Structures. Of course, the best time for people to feel engaged with an event is while it’s going on.
  3. Create Live Streaming Extras.
  4. Keep the Hype Alive.

How do you present a virtual conference?

Nail Your Virtual Presentation With These Tips

  1. Engage Your Audience.
  2. Use a Professional Background.
  3. Get Up.
  4. Use a Mirror to Monitor Yourself.
  5. Invest in Basic Lighting Equipment.
  6. Dress Professionally.
  7. Pay Attention to Your Audio Quality.
  8. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

How do you make a workshop more interesting?

9 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your Workshop and Engage Your Audience

  1. 1. Make it relevant.
  2. Ditch the traditional presentation.
  3. Change the room layout.
  4. Use props.
  5. Play games.
  6. Tell a story.
  7. Play some tunes.
  8. Cut it in half.

How do you engage attendees at a conference?

4 Ways to Engage Your Conference Attendees

  1. Utilize social media. Social media is one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to engage your conference attendees.
  2. Incorporate games/contests.
  3. Coordinate off-site events.
  4. Create a comfortable environment.

How to come up with creative ideas for a conference?

29 Creative Ideas to Reinvent Conferences. 1 2. Arts and crafts. Build your theme on creative expression. This works well when conferences are heavy on the lectures or screen time. Offer painting 2 3. A space odyssey. 3 4. Destination theme. 4 5. Solve the mystery.

What are some ideas to reinvent a conference?

29 Creative Ideas to Reinvent Conferences. 1 1. Health and wellness. 2 2. Arts and crafts. 3 3. A space odyssey. 4 4. Destination theme. 5 5. Solve the mystery.

What makes an event an innovative meeting format?

As event organizers, we are constantly searching for new creative meeting formats that will wow our audience. We all want to move beyond the one-size-fits-all, been-there-done-that sessions.

What was the inspiration for the Creative Conference?

The panel session, inspired by the American game show The Newlywed Game, stood out for its creative, interactive design. The panelists wrote down their answers to a series of pre-prepared questions on paper cards. While they did this, the organizers posed the same questions to the audience through live polls.