How can I lower my iron levels quickly?

How can I lower my iron levels quickly?

Dietary changes can include:

  1. avoiding supplements that contain iron.
  2. avoiding supplements that contain vitamin C, as this vitamin increases iron absorption.
  3. reducing iron-rich and iron-fortified foods.
  4. avoiding uncooked fish and shellfish.
  5. limiting alcohol intake, as this can damage the liver.

What food contains low iron?

Lean protein Many dietary sources of protein do contain iron. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to cut meat out of your diet completely. Instead, plan your meals around protein sources that are lower in iron, such as turkey, chicken, tuna, and even deli meat.

What vegetables do not have iron in them?

Some iron-free fruits and vegetables include cantaloupe, mushrooms and tomatoes. Aside from dark leafy green vegetables, the iron levels of most fruits and vegetables will likely be lower than what you would find in red meats and seafood.

Do eggs block iron absorption?

Eggs contain phosphoprotein, a compound with iron-binding capacity that can impair iron absorption. Some studies have shown that one hardboiled egg can reduce the absorption of iron in a meal by as much as 28%.

Does broccoli have iron in it?

Broccoli Broccoli is incredibly nutritious. A 1-cup (156-gram) serving of cooked broccoli contains 1 mg of iron, which is 6% of the DV ( 42 ). What’s more, a serving of broccoli also packs 112% of the DV for vitamin C, which helps your body absorb the iron better ( 8 , 43 ).

What is list of foods that are very low in iron?

What Foods Are Low in Iron? Fruits and Vegetables. Steer clear of spirulina, edamame, morel mushrooms and spinach if you’re on a low-iron diet. Dairy and Grains. Dairy products are generally low in iron — according to the U.S. Protein Options. Many protein options, particularly animal-based proteins, are notoriously high in iron. Sample Daily Menu.

What vegetables are low in iron?

Instead, snack on raw Asian pears — which are naturally iron-free — as well as arugula, which has 0.03 milligram of the mineral per leaf, and shiitake mushrooms, with 0.08 milligram per piece. Apples, zucchini, cabbage and baby carrots are also low in iron.

What foods have no iron content?

Dairy products, eggs, raisins, dates, apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, beets, cabbage, almonds, cauliflower , hazelnuts, chocolate bars, pineapples, squashes, kidney beans, fish and many varieties of Campbell’s soups have no or low iron content.

What meats are low in iron?

Ground Meat. Ground and sirloin beef, the lowest in iron of the “top five” beef group on the USDA table, contain about 2.1 milligrams of iron in a 3-ounce serving, or about 12 percent of the recommended daily value of the mineral.