How can I check my community certificate status online?

How can I check my community certificate status online?


  1. Login to TN eSevai portal.
  2. Click on Check Status.

How long does it take to get community certificate in Chennai?

The issuance of certificates will be within 15 days, and the Scheduled Tribe certificates will take 30 days. Once received, the certificate would be valid for the lifetime.

How can I get my lost community certificate in Chennai?

Apply In-Person:

  1. To apply for duplicate caste certificate, applicant has to approach the Tehsildar at the tehsildar office.
  2. Link for contact: contact link.
  3. Get the relevant application form from the authorities and fill the form with valid details appropriately.

Where can I find my community certificate number in Tamilnadu?

You will receive an OTP in registered mobile number to register in the esevai portal.

  1. Once registered, login to the website.
  2. Select “Revenue Department”
  3. Select “REV-101 Community Certificate” from the list.

How do I check my certificate status?

To view certificates for the current user, open the command console, and then type certmgr. msc. The Certificate Manager tool for the current user appears. To view your certificates, under Certificates – Current User in the left pane, expand the directory for the type of certificate you want to view.

Is community and caste certificate are same?

Community certificate issued by the State Governments concerned is also known as caste certificate. Both mean the s ame.In some states caste is referred to as community. But both have same meaning in the system. (i.e., the government sectors educational institutions and in government jobs.)

Where is issue date in community certificate?

The community certificate date is the date mentioned on your caste certificate when this certificate was issued to you. One doesn’t have to worry about the validity of their community certificate as it is valid for a lifetime.

What should I do if I lost my community certificate?

You can contact any eSevai Mayam if you have duplicate copy of your community certificate. If you dont have duplicate copy, eSevai mayam operator has to find your CAN number and then have to find the community certificate.

How can I get genuineness certificate?

Prescribed application form – two copies • Photocopies (back to back) of each certificate – two copies • Photocopies of marks sheet (Final year or consolidated) – two copies • A copy of the passport with visa page • Original passport & certificates to be shown at the time of submission • University verification fee in …

Where can I download community certificate in Tamilnadu?

Application Process

  • Step 1: Visit the Government of Tamilnadu official website using the link:
  • Step 2: Click on the link ‘more’ under the forms section on the webpage and type ‘community certificate’ on the search bar.

Is caste certificate is required for general category?

Usually, the caste certificate is required for categories other than General category such as SC, ST, OBC etc. General category candidates do not need to show the caste certificates or documents.

How to get a community certificate in Tamil Nadu?

The following documents are required for an Community Certificate. For applying Community Certificate online in Tamil Nadu, you need to complete the following tasks. Follow the below steps to register in the eSevai portal.

What does it mean to have community certificate in India?

An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. A Community Certificate is the proof of one’s belonging to a particular caste and community, especially in case one belongs to any of the ‘Scheduled Castes’, ‘Scheduled Tribe’ and the Backward Class as specified in the Indian Constitution.

How to apply for community certificate in esevai portal?

You will receive an OTP in registered mobile number to register in the esevai portal. Once registered, login to the website. An applicant can apply for the Community Certificate provided he/she is having a unique Citizen Access Number (CAN) .

Do you have to pay for UPSC if you have community certificate?

SC and ST students need not pay fees for any government examinations (such as UPSC) if they show their community certificate. SC/ST students can get application forms in all government colleges for free, with the certificate.