Does LAPG have free shipping?

Does LAPG have free shipping?

Free economy shipping to lower 48 states only on orders over $75. LIMIT ONE COUPON CODE PER ORDER.

Does YesStyle ever have free shipping?

YesStyle Shopping Tips Orders over $35 ship free. Orders over $99 receive free Express shipping.

Does Discount Dance have free shipping?

Discount Dance Supply offers free standard shipping with orders exceeding minimum order value on promotion.

Does LA Police Gear ship fast?

Most complete orders placed before 11am Pacific Standard Time will be sent to our warehouse the same day and ship within 24 to 48 hours (excluding Federal holidays and weekends). FedEx does NOT consider weekends or holidays to be “shipping days”.

Does LA Police Gear sell to civilians?

Yes, LA Police Gear does currently sell to the general public!

How do you get free shipping on YesStyle?

YesStyle Shipping Policy U.S. customers receive free Premium Standard shipping if they spend $35 or more, and free Expedited Shipping if they spend $99 or more.

How many coupon codes can you use on YesStyle?

Can I use multiple coupons on Yesstyle? Yesstyle only offers one coupon at a time with each order.

How do you return a dance discount?


  1. Complete your return form at DISCOUNTDANCE.COM/RETURNS and receive your return label.
  2. Affix attached return label to your package and ship.
  3. You may also use your own carrier to conduct your return and you will be responsible for the shipping cost.
  4. Return shipping cost is non-refundable.

How much do dance leotards cost?

Leotards typically cost between $10 and $30. Girls may also wish to wear a dance skirt, which can range from $5 to $40.

Is LA Police Gear com legit?

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Pay the extra couple dollars and go with reliable company. LA Police Gear is a bunch criminals.

Is Lapolicegear com legit?