Does INFJ have extroverted intuition?

Does INFJ have extroverted intuition?

The INFJ uses Extraverted Intuition (Ne) in a largely unconscious way. While INFJs can enjoy brainstorming and thinking about numerous possibilities, much like Ne users can, they can become overwhelmed if these Ne possibilities cause them to doubt their Ni visions or take them out of their preferred focus.

What socionics is INFJ?

In socionics, the dominant function for the INFJ, Introverted iNtuition (Ni), is really strong, able to adapt, create and monitor any information that flows through it. INFJs can intuitively read people and the context they are in and know how to influence it to their advantage.

What is Ne socionics?

Socionics Ne is about seeing the essence of things or seeing how things could be or have the capacity to become. Basically seeing things for what they are not. So Ne types tend to look at the world idealistically and with a sense of curiosity like there’s always something unknown out there to be found.

Can an INFJ lie?

INFJs Are Human Lie Detectors And sometimes, we can even intuitively pick up people’s intentions, before they may even truly know it themselves. INFJs deeply value honesty and integrity, so we hate it when people lie to us. And we know when people are not being authentic or lying to us.

What Enneagram type are most Infjs?

Type 4
The INFJ’s Most Common Enneagram Results Are Type 4 Wing 5 (4w5). An Enneagram wing is a corresponding facet of our personality; where Type 4 is your core ruling personality, wing 3 or 5 is another extension of you.


For the INFJ, the first function is Introvert Intuition (percieving / irrational) but the first extroverted funtion is Extroverted Feeling (judging / rational). For this reason, some people, especially younger people, may type as INFP and be IEI or type as INFJ and actually be not IEI, but EII.

What is NI function?

Introverted Intuiting (Ni) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. People whose dominant function is Introverted Intuiting (Ni) usually experience the world as such: You are used to having insights and hunches that frequently turn out to be correct. These “aha” moments are introverted intuiting at work.

Does Socionics correlate to MBTI?

Neither MBTI nor Socionics know (or apply) the real cognitive functions of the types. And there’s no direct translation or equivalence between them because they are based on 2 different sets of misconceptions (for details about the MBTI one you can take a look at posts #01, #13 and #25, for example).

Can your Socionics change?

You don’t change that. The same goes for ratio/irratio, static/dynamic etc. There aren’t such things in MBTI. Be careful what you refer to.

How does socionics describe the INFJ personality type?

However, we can take a look at how socionics describes the INFJ personality type and how it is similar and different from MBTI descriptions. In socionics, the dominant function for the INFJ, Introverted iNtuition (Ni), is really strong, able to adapt, create and monitor any information that flows through it.

What kind of thinking does an INFJ have?

In favor of Ni and Fe, INFJs tend to ignore Introverted Feeling (Fi) and Extraverted iNtuition (Ne). They do this even though they technically have the strength to use them skillfully. The weaker, unvalued functions, Introverted Sensing (Si) and Extraverted Thinking (Te), are largely repressed and avoided.

Who is the ” supervisor ” of an INFJ?

The “supervisor” of an INFJ is the ENTJ. In this relationship, the ENTJ is in control, and the INFJ tries to, unsuccessfully, comply. The other way around, where INFJ is the supervisor, can be found in their relationship with ESFJs, for the same reasons as above.