Does DuraCoat come in a spray can?

Does DuraCoat come in a spray can?

Whether you are a hobbyist, a gunsmith, or a professional finisher, DuraCoat® was made for you. It really is the most user-friendly gun coating available. Anyone can do it. Packaged in both liquid (for application with spray equipment) and convenient aerosol cans.

How long does DuraCoat last on a gun?

DuraCoat is dry to the touch in 20 minutes, can be handled in 1 hour and is ready for use overnight. Although DuraCoat will gain most of its final hardness, elasticity and chemical resistance over a 4-6 week period, time will continue to enhance DuraCoat’s characteristics over a lifetime.

What is DuraCoat for a gun?

With proven durability and unmatched versatility, DuraCoat® really is the finest firearm finish on the planet! DuraCoat® was designed for everyone. Protects your firearm from rust and corrosion and is resistant to cleaners and chemicals. No baking or preheating required.

What is DuraCoat badass?

All the features of Original DuraCoat® but on steroids! Built in Self-Lubricating for reduced friction and added lubricity. Perfect for use on moving parts, internals, and holstered firearms. Self-Etching for increased adhesion.

What is a DuraCoat aerosol kit?

DuraCoat® Shake ‘N Spray™ Finishing Kit is the simplest and most user-friendly firearm finish available! No need for an airbrush or other spray equipment! Now you can refinish your firearm in as easy as 1-2-3 with the exclusive Prep ‘N Spray™ system.

How good is DuraCoat?

The duracoat works well to some effect if you’re looking to use your gun for display but, flakes off or wipes off easily if you start to get lightly rough with it. It holds up pretty well for the most part. Its just things like scratching a fingernail on your gun or holstering easily takes the coating off partially.

How long does it take for DuraCoat to fully cure?

When is DuraCoat® fully cured? DuraCoat® is dry to the touch in 20 minutes, can be handled in 1 hour and is ready for use overnight.

Can you clear coat a gun barrel?

Registered. You can actually coat them with clear polyurethane, I have done it on a couple of SxS guns that have polished receivers. The last one I did has lasted over 10 years without finish loss or rusting.

How much does it cost to DuraCoat a rifle?

How much DuraCoat® is needed to finish one rifle? A 4oz container of DuraCoat® will coat 1-2 long guns or 2-4 handguns.

Will DuraCoat hold up?

It will hold up better than most other spray on finishes but it depends entirely on how you treat your gun. On the other hand the standard AR finish is atrocious for wear.

Is DuraBlue any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth Every Penny! I’ve never used a similar product, so I have no basis for comparisons, BUT, I love DuraBlue! I have an old revolver that now looks almost new. I took off some surface rust and old bluing with very fine sandpaper (we used to call it “emery cloth”).

How does the Lauer duracoat aerosol finish work?

Lauer DuraCoat Aerosol features unique can-within-a-can technology that provides the hardener right inside the can. No more measuring & mixing, just release the hardener and shake. The DuraCoat provides protection against rust and corrosion. This finish can be applied over bare metal, parkerizing, anodizing, and bluing.

Can a duracoat finish be used on an AR 15?

The DuraCoat Aerosol finish is here to stay and will probably last longer than my lifetime, meaning that this project turned my everyday AR-15 into a prized family heirloom. Thanks to Lauer Custom Weaponry’s DuraCoat Aerosol, the firearm world is a more colorful place and my rifle is camouflaged into the high desert.

What kind of Spray can do you use for duracoat?

Manufactured by Lauer Custom Weaponry, DuraCoat comes in hundreds of colors and can be applied to almost any surface, including metal, wood and plastic. Until recently, when Lauer began offering DuraCoat in a convenient aerosol spray can, you needed to have specialized equipment and training to properly apply the finish.

When to apply duracoat clear to stainless steel?

When applied over bluing, DuraCoat® Clear helps prevent rusting and pitting. Protection against the accumulation of oxidization, dirt, and grime on stainless firearms is easily achieved with a coat of DuraCoat® Clear.