Does 3m make ceramic tint?

Does 3m make ceramic tint?

Ride in style and comfort. Film Ceramic IR Series offers great infrared heat rejection for optimal comfort and is available in an attractive neutral color….3M™ Automotive Window Film Ceramic IR Series.

Attribute Name Value
Visible Light Transmittance 19 %, 30 %, 45 %, 6 %, 60 %, 78 %
Window Tint 15%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 5%, 50%, 70%

What is Spectra PhotoSync?

Spectra PhotoSync IRD® is the most advanced window tint available on the market, providing drivers and passengers the ultimate protection from harmful UV rays, solar radiation and excess heat in our tropical climate. This percentage of TSER is the highest recorded heat-blocking rate on the market to date.

What kind of material is huper Optik window film?

Our product uses “Nano-Ceramic” material for our window film, so it has a far better impact than using conventional window films that still use “Metal” material as a coating when exposed to sunlight. The Hüper Optik Series window film is made to provide more durable sun protection with Dual Layered Nano Ceramic technology.

What does huper Optik therm-X film do?

A thermal barrier for energy efficiency. Hüper Optik Therm-X Films use a proprietary blend of metals to create the highest performance films in their class while allowing a high amount of visible light. The Therm-X technologies create a more comfortable environment while reducing HVAC consumption.

What can huper Optik do for your home?

Hüper Optik nanotechnology residential window films not only greatly reduce the amount of heat (solar energy) in your home, they also reject 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays are a significant cause of skin problems and fading of home interiors.

How did huper Optik change the automotive industry?

Hüper Optik researchers developed an advancement in high performance coatings through Nano-Ceramic technology. This advancement stunned the industry and allowed Hüper Optik to patent its technology in 1998. The German technology improved performance and quality beyond other solutions.