Do shell goose decoys work?

Do shell goose decoys work?

But he doesn’t rely on lots of full body honkers to fill fields that way. “A shell decoy is, in my opinion, the most effective decoy you can have. “And to take it up a notch, the sleeper shell is the most realistic decoy you can have as far as what it’s representing.” Geese, when feeding, are active, he said.

How many silhouette goose decoys do I need?

Three silhouettes equal two full-bodies. No matter what, some of your decoys will always be head- or tail-on to incoming geese. Hence, you need to set more silhouettes than you would full-bodies. I’ve had hunters tell me it takes two silhouettes to equal one full-body, but I think it’s closer to three equals two.

How many goose decoys do you need in a spread?

Now you’ve got to rely more on aggressive calling and flagging to gain the birds’ attention. But I’ll tell you, one or two dozen decoys can make an awesome spread, especially late in the season.” When setting a small spread, Cochran usually places the decoys a few yards away from his layout blinds.

Is 4 dozen goose decoys enough?

In the right spot, a dozen or so can certainly be enough. A small pond, maybe a half dozen will do the trick. I hunt a rather large lake and rarely put out more than a couple of dozen.

Are DSD goose decoys worth it?

DSD Decoys are worth every penny!!! If you hunt with other guys and other brands of decoys, separate the DSD’s from the rest and watch the geese go to the DSD’s. I have 20 DSD Honkers and 12 DSD Lessers and hardly ever do I set them all out.

Is 6 goose decoys enough?

Sometimes it’s a case of giving birds something different to look at. Small spreads really shine when they allow you to hunt a spot you might not otherwise be able to reach. Six decoys in the right place are better than six dozen in the wrong location.

Where do you put sleeper decoys?

One of our favorite ways to use our sleeper decoys, is putting them along the bank of a pond or on a sandbar in addition to a floater spread. Not only do you add more numbers to your spread, you also add confidence by making the birds in your spread look relaxed and safe.

Do you need full body decoys?

With full bodies, you can afford to have about one or two dozen decoys if you only have a few hunters and want to bring in a good amount of birds. To get the same effect with silos, you just simply need more decoys.

Does goose decoy size matter?

I too mix lessers with regular size fullbodies. It works great, but I will throw this out there for consideration. Geese can see bigger decoys from further away and a spread of nothing but lessers can go un-noticed by geese crossing at a distance.

Where is the cheapest place to buy decoys?

Our number one way to get cheap or used decoys is Craigslist. Just search for “goose decoys” or “duck decoys” and you will be sure to find many choices in your area. Keep checking back on the site often as new postings are always coming available and the good deals usually sell fast.