Did National Velvet win any awards?

Did National Velvet win any awards?

Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Academy Award for Best Film Editing
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Did Angela Lansbury star in National Velvet?

National Velvet is a 1944 American Technicolor sports film directed by Clarence Brown and based on the 1935 novel of the same name by Enid Bagnold….National Velvet (film)

National Velvet
Produced by Pandro S. Berman
Starring Mickey Rooney Donald Crisp Elizabeth Taylor Angela Lansbury Anne Revere Reginald Owen Terry Kilburn

How old was Elizabeth Taylor during National Velvet?

Her breakout role, however, came in 1944 with National Velvet, in a role Taylor spent four months working to get. The film subsequently turned out to be a huge hit that pulled in more than $4 million and made the 12-year-old actress a huge star.

Is National Velvet based on a true story?

The story that Mi (played by Mickey Rooney) tells to Donald Brown (played by Jackie ‘Butch’ Jenkins) about a shipwrecked horse is based on a true story about a New Zealand-bred thoroughbred named “Moiffa” who did in fact survive his ordeal and went on to win the Grand National the following year.

Did Elizabeth Taylor cut her hair velvet?

Velvet is given a haircut by Mi (Mickey Rooney), in order to pose as a male jockey, and the film’s director Clarence Brown expected Taylor to cut her own hair for the scene. Needless to say, Taylor fooled Brown, and she whipped off the shorter style as soon as filming ended. Mickey Rooney, as Mi, cuts Taylor’s “hair”.

Did Elizabeth Taylor really ride in National Velvet?

A riding veteran from the age of four, Taylor did her own riding for the film and most of her own stunts, as evidenced by the still at left. Taylor’s natural girlish enthusiasm and love of horses showed through in Velvet Brown, bringing to life an enchanting and spirited character.

How old was Mickey Rooney National Velvet?

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Actor Age then Age now
Mickey Rooney 24 101
Donald Crisp 62 Would’ve been 139
Elizabeth Taylor 12 Would’ve been 89
Anne Revere 41 Would’ve been 118

Who rides the pie in National Velvet?

King Charles
Elizabeth Taylor already knew her co-star before she starred in National Velvet. She’d been riding seven-year-old thoroughbred King Charles at her country club, and personally chose him to play her character’s horse, The Pie, in the film.

Did Elizabeth Taylor fall off the horse in National Velvet?

Trivia (33) Dame Elizabeth Taylor fell from the horse and broke her back during the filming of the racing scene. Although she recovered quickly, she suffered greatly later in life. After production was completed, arrangements were made to allow Dame Elizabeth Taylor to keep the horse.

Did Elizabeth Taylor really cut her hair in National Velvet?

Who rides the horse in National Velvet?

National Velvet is the story of a 14-year-old girl named Velvet Brown, who trains and rides her horse, named The Piebald, to victory in the Grand National steeplechase.

Did Elizabeth Taylor really ride the horse in National Velvet?