Can you use Vim Oxy Gel on hardwood floors?

Can you use Vim Oxy Gel on hardwood floors?

Vim’s Oxy-Gel floor cleaner provides brilliant results on a variety of surfaces, including ceramic, hardwood, linoleum and laminate surfaces. It provides a pleasant ocean scent to floors, tubs, sinks, counters and toilets.

Is vim good for laminate flooring?

It’s time to shine with Vim. Vim® Wood Floor Cleaner is specially formulated for finished hardwood floors*, laminate floors and finished wood cabinets – a great floor cleaner for every room.

Can you use Vim to clean floors?

Vim Floor Cleaner safely cleans vinyl, laminate and linoleum. A great cleaner for every room, with a fresh ocean scent. Instructions for diluted use: pour 3 capfuls into 5 litres of water, wash and let dry. With a range of scents to suit every home, say hello to beautiful, shiny floors throughout your home.

What happened vim gel?

Vim is currently owned by Henkel Group after its acquisition of Spotless Group in 2015, although it is still marketed by Unilever in Canada and Sri Lanka, where it has a 90% market share.

How do I use vim All Purpose Cleaner?

A great cleaner for every room, with a fresh ocean scent. Instructions for use: For diluted use, follow dilution instructions, wash and let dry. Wipe floors for extreme shine. For full strength, apply for a few seconds and wipe away.

How do I use Vim Cream Cleaner?

Formulated with 100% natural cleaning particles, Vim Cream is a great cleaner for every room, leaving a fresh Lemon Scent. To use, simply squirt cream directly onto the surface or a damp sponge and rub gently. Rinse thoroughly then wipe clean promptly, repeating if necessary.

What is Vim cleaner good for?

A multipurpose cleaner that can be used both as a bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner, it is a household multi-tasker that’s tough on dirt, scum, watermarks, grease and burnt-on food, and can help make things look new again.

What is a good cleaner for wood floors?

Here are the best hardwood floor cleaners on the market.

  • Best Overall: Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner at Amazon.
  • Best Budget: Murphy Oil Soap at Amazon.
  • Best Green: Better Life Floor Cleaner at Amazon.
  • Best Splurge: Bissell SpinWave at Amazon.
  • Best Natural: Method Wood Floor Cleaner at Amazon.
  • Best Heavy-Duty:
  • Best Wax:

Is Vim a dish soap?

Launched in 1993, Vim was the original hand dishwashing brand that created the category and is the market leader in the dishwashing segment.

What is Vim powder made of?

Ingredients – Sodium LAS, Sodium Carbonate, Dolomite, Perfume.

Can I use Vim to clean shower?

Cleaning bathroom fixtures is easy with Vim. Use Vim Power & Shine Bathroom; it removes soap scum for a streak-free finish. Vim is tough on dirt but kind to surfaces, and your cleaning utensils should be the same; that’s why we recommend cleaning faucets with a soft cloth rather than any abrasive cloths or sponges.

Does vim have bleach in it?

With added bleach and powerful yet gentle micro-particles, Vim Bleach Cream removes a whole range of stains, spills and tough dirt. Its effective formula removes 100% of dirt, providing beautiful cleaning results without damaging surfaces.