Can you see arbiter?

Can you see arbiter?

(As the Arbiter approaches Truth, the Prophet is already being infected by the Flood.) Truth: (weakly) “Can you see, Arbiter? The moment of salvation is at hand.”

Can you kill regret with an energy sword?

The lunge is more noticeable if you use an energy sword. When you kill the Prophet of Regret on the level Regret, he will drop a plasma pistol.

Which prophet dies in Halo 2?

the Prophet of Mercy
Halo 2: Anniversary Cinematic render of the Prophet of Mercy. Mercy dying from the Infection Form.

Which prophet did Master Chief kill?

the Prophet of Regret
When the Master Chief kills the Prophet of Regret on the level “Regret”, he will drop a plasma pistol. He held the same weapon in Halo: Contact Harvest, and was rumored to keep it with him at all times in Halo: The Cole Protocol.

Can you shoot the Prophet of Regret in Halo 2?

Note: You can kill the Prophet of Regret in one go if you manage to board his throne and just manage to land a sixth punch right before he teleports away. You only have to board his throne once if done correctly.

Why did the prophets betray the Elites?

The reason that the Prophets gave the Covenant was that the Elites failed to protect one of the Hierarchs from being beaten to death by John in Halo 2. The Elites had come to respect Humans in combat, and questioned why they alone of all the races they met were never offered a chance to bend the knee.

Who killed regret?

John-117 violently punching the Prophet of Regret. A group of Covenant rushed out of the main entrance to the temple, deploying plasma cannons to stop John and his two remaining marines. The Spartan fought his way into the structure as Cortana warned him that the fleet had launched waves of Phantoms towards the temple.

How did regret find Earth?

it was found via a “luminary”, Earth was called Erdye Tyre by the Forerunners, which is where the portal that leads to the “ark” is located. there is a terminal in Halo 2 anniversary that further explains this in much greater detail.

How did gravemind get regret?

How did the Gravemind assimilate Regret? We beat the -Yoink!- out of him and then the temple got glassed by the Covenant fleet trying to kill us. His body would’ve been disintegrated before the Gravemind could even get to him.