Can you meet Liara in Mass Effect 2?

Can you meet Liara in Mass Effect 2?

Liara is on a planet called Illium, working as an information broker. You can visit her in her office on the planet once you complete the Horizon mission, which only becomes available after you recruit several new crew members.

Should you help Liara in Mass Effect 2?

You can agree to help her right away or you can try convincing her to change her mind. Sadly the only two solutions are to help her or not. This time you’ll have to inspect five terminals and you’ll find all of them in the northern section of [Illium – Nos Astra].

Can you romance Liara and Tali in Mass Effect 2?

1 Answer. You can choose not to romance anyone. That keeps things super-simple. If, however, you’d like your Shep to get some play, you can totally romance Liara in 1 and then Tali in 2 and 3.

Who is liara the observer in Mass Effect?

Liara then deduces that her assistant, Nyxeris, has been feeding her misinformation, and is a double agent working for the Shadow Broker. If Shepard wrongly identifies one of the five as the Observer, Shepard earns 2 Paragon points.

Where to find Liara T’Soni Mass Effect 2?

Walkthrough – Illium: Liara T’Soni | Main quests Mass Effect 2 Guide. Description: This quest will appear in your personal journal after you’ve landed on the surface of planet Illium (Crescent Nebula > Tasale) and started exploring an area called [Illium – Nos Astra].

Is there an illium mission in Mass Effect 2?

Illium: Liara: The Observer is an Optional Mission in Mass Effect 2. Illium: Liara: The Observer requests you to recover data fragments for Liara.

What does Liara need in illium liara the observer?

Liara has asked for assistance in rooting out a Shadow Broker agent, the Observer. She needs data fragments recovered from information cache terminals around Illium . This assignment is available upon the completion of Illium: Liara: Systems Hacking.